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Kristin Kreuk

It’s not uncommon for actors to step behind the camera after years of perfecting their craft, and Kristin Kreuk is no exception. In the fourth

Talli Osborne

International speaker, and arguably one of the world’s most famous congenital amputees, Nick Vujicic once said, “I was never crippled until I lost hope.” This

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Expanding into New Markets

Expansion is the goal of every successful business. At some point, your company will reach its potential within its present market and you will have

The Social

The Fall/Winter 2020 issue of The Edge, A Leader’s Magazine features the hosts of CTV’s The Social. Read our exclusive interviews with Melissa Grelo, Cynthia Loyst, Marci Ien, Lainey Lui, and Jess Allen.  

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Unique Global Influencers

Shaping a Billion-Dollar Empire

  How did the shapewear company “shape” the future success of this woman who once sold fax machines door-to-door? According to, Sara Blakely realized

Bridging the Management Age Gap

Millennials are known as the generation of smartphones, over-priced coffee, and a reputation for entitlement and leisureliness. Despite this, the success of millennials is becoming

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Diana Livshits: A Canadian Entrepreneur’s Story

Within days of installing see-through Solartech blinds in her home, former Nortel employee Diana Livshits realized the genius of the product, bought the Canadian rights to the 30-year-old technology, and started producing her own version under the name Krumpers Solar Blinds. Livshits went on to win the 2015 Scotiabank EcoLiving Business Leadership Award for her work with Krumpers in Canada,

Altered Humanity: How Technology is Changing Us

  Popular sci-fi TV shows like HBO’s Westworld and Netflix’s Altered Carbon explore ideas of what it means to be human in a world of technology that lets a person transfer their consciousness into a cloned or artificial body. It’s natural for viewers to wonder how plausible such advances are. While we may not yet have the ability to upload

James Malinchak: Enriching Businesses and Lives

  James Malinchak is a successful motivational speaker, business coach, and author, and was featured on the ABC reality TV show, Secret Millionaire. The “Big Money Speaker,” was featured in a previous issue of The Edge, and this is an excerpt from that interview. Did you have a vision for this success from the start?  I would say a little

Vin Lee: Powerhouse Boss of Luxury

Few entrepreneurs can say they have left their indelible mark on the world of luxury, but Vin Lee is one of those few. Hollywood stars, celebrities, royalty, and heads of state have worn Lee’s jewelry collections. His caviar has been consumed by the rich and famous; his ultra rare cigars puffed by the select elite. Lee is CEO of Grand

Streaming War: How Disney Plans to Climb to the Top

The Disney and Netflix partnership was destined to revolutionize the entertainment landscape. Both had much to gain. Disney exposes a large audience to their most popular franchises while Netflix attracts growing number of subscribers. But if there’s one thing about Disney that people should know by now, it’s that they are not a company willing to play second fiddle in

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Sometimes, it seems every great idea is already taken. However, your idea doesn’t need to be new for your business to thrive. Successful companies like Netflix and Warby Parker were, once upon a time, start-ups that stemmed not from producing “the next big thing”, but from understanding what the market needed. Movies and glasses are not new concepts, but the

How to Create an Online Portfolio That Will Help You Stand Out

  There was a time when creative types – writers, photographers, and designers – would go to job interviews with a physical portfolio. Today’s employers are looking online to see what people have created. So how do you stand out from everyone else? Create a visually pleasing online portfolio that not only presents your best work, but also shows the

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