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How To Create a Cohesive Brand Image

The different elements of your brand should support each other to send a cohesive message. Here’s how you can show your customers what your brand really means.

Emily Wight: Plant Queen

Opening an online store for houseplants may sound strange in theory, but as more and more people have settled into working from home and setting

Promoting Diversity in the Marketplace

When it comes to the boardroom, there’s always something people of colour tend to notice—a lack of diversity. It’s something that visible minorities (including women)

Ten Recession-Proof Industries

Our economy is constantly being influenced by numerous factors. Although these variables are continually changing, one of the biggest impacts this year has been the COVID-19 global pandemic. Both directly and indirectly, it has had a major influence on our

Benefits of Global Competition

Call it patriotism or convenience but Canadians prefer to buy Canadian. Many of us buy our shampoo at Shoppers Drug Mart, shop for groceries at

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Navigating a Change in Leadership

Leadership is an organization’s driving force. It dictates culture and productivity, and everything should trickle from the top down. But what happens when an owner

Feel the Fear and Speak It Anyway

Feel the Fear and Speak It Anyway

  When Franklin D. Roosevelt said that there’s nothing to fear but fear itself, it’s easy to believe that he was referring to anyone who’s

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Sometimes, it seems every great idea is already taken. However, your idea doesn’t need to be new for your business to thrive. Successful companies like

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Linda L. Franco: Visionary CEO Fuses Fashion and Technology

  Under Linda L. Franco’s leadership, a small and risky idea grew and developed to become an international sensation. It all began when fashion student Antonio Perdigón had a vision of clothing that blended fashion and electronics, and that could help bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual. Unfortunately, his school didn’t share his vision, and he

Kathy Ireland: Rising to the Occasion

  When Kathy Ireland began her career as a model and actress, it seemed like the sky was her limit. She exceeded that limit as well as any and all expectations of her when she turned into a successful author and entrepreneur. Now she regularly finds herself on Forbes as a highly respected (and quite wealthy) mogul. In recent years,

Vin Lee: Powerhouse Boss of Luxury

Few entrepreneurs can say they have left their indelible mark on the world of luxury, but Vin Lee is one of those few. Hollywood stars, celebrities, royalty, and heads of state have worn Lee’s jewelry collections. His caviar has been consumed by the rich and famous; his ultra rare cigars puffed by the select elite. Lee is CEO of Grand

Moving Past Failure and Rejection

  Afailure is not always a mistake, it may simple be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying. – B.F. Skinner, psychologist Failure stings. It’s associated with a host of negative feelings: defeat, shame, weakness, loss. Yet many of the world’s most successful people have failed repeatedly before achieving success. Jack Ma

Huda Idrees: Medical Tech Visionary

As a 12-year-old, Huda Idrees was already building websites for clients. Idrees, who learned computer-programming and web design in Saudi Arabia, is also an Industrial Engineering graduate from the University of Toronto. At just 26, Idrees possesses a stellar resume, having worked for numerous successful startups including Wattpad, Wave, and Wealthsimple, all calculated choices in moving her career forward. But

Dana Canedy: Truth, Honour, and Diversity in Journalism

Dana Canedy knows what it means to be an agent of change. As a journalist, she rose to the top of her field, reaching the rank of Senior Editor at The New York Times and winning a Pulitzer Prize in 2001 as part of a team writing about race in America in a series of articles for the paper. Years

Tips to Improve Your Presentations

  As a busy and successful entrepreneur, there are times when you must give presentations, even if you secretly hate them. In nature, all eyes being on you rarely translates to anything good, and so most of us are hardwired to fear and avoid this scenario. However, presentations are sometimes necessary, particularly in the business world. Maybe you need to

Entrepreneurs and Families: How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

There is no denying that being an entrepreneur is hard work, but if you do it correctly it also provides an opportunity to focus on what’s important in life – family. “Balance is possible,” said Jasmine Sufi, the founder of Acutoronto Wellness Clinic. “But it is a struggle and one always wins over the other at varying times.” Relationship and

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