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Hoda Paripoush: Unity in Diversity

Hoda Paripoush handles life’s challenges with grace, integrity, and what she calls, “heart and hustle.” The founder of luxury tea company Sloane Tea, which is

Dr. Joe Vitale: Best-selling Author

Dr. Joe Vitale is a best-selling author and metaphysician who has written several books on business, marketing, and success, including The Art and Science of Results, Money

Wendy Law: Empowering Others

Wendy Law, Deputy City Manager, Administrative Services and City Solicitor for the City of Vaughan, has nearly two decades of experience in the public sector,

Impact of the Keystone XL Pipeline

On January 20, 2021, right after assuming office, President Joe Biden fulfilled his electoral promise to quash the Keystone XL Pipeline, putting an end to

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Tianna McFarlane – Heal in Colour

Ninety-nine years after the BAND_AID® brand was formed, the company finally released their iconic product in Black and Brown skin tones—but only in America. Addressing

NFTs and Blockchain

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) made big headlines in early 2021 when Christie’s auction house sold the collage of the first 5,000 works of the digital artist

Shahrzad Rafati, Founder & CEO BBTV

In October 2020, BBTV (BroadbandTV)—a brainchild of Shahrzad Rafati—made headlines as one of the top ten tech IPO listings of all time on the Toronto

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8 Ways to Supercharge Your Market

Your market may not know just how much it needs your business. Supercharging your market makes it hyper-aware of your business, its core products, its

Mary Ito

Mary Ito has been a broadcast journalist in Toronto for more than 30 years, best known as the host of CBC Radio One’s Fresh Air

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Navigating a Change in Leadership

Leadership is an organization’s driving force. It dictates culture and productivity, and everything should trickle from the top down. But what happens when an owner retires, or a new CEO is brought on board? These shifts can feel seismic to the employees who are often left worrying that a change in leadership will negatively impact their role. A new leader

The Benefits of Investing in Continuing Education for Employees

  As businesses continue to strategize about growing in size and strength, finding and retaining employees is a crucial factor. Many companies look at hiring staff as investing in their potential. An entry-level position, if the successful candidate should stay with the organization for many years, can yield significant long-term benefits for both parties. Some staff may start out in

Choosing the Right School to Earn Your MBA

An MBA offers sound theoretical and practical preparation for a confident entry into the business world. First, you need to decide on a business school. Here are four factors to consider.

Javed S. Khan: Branding and Marketing Empresario

  Javed S. Khan, who leads EMpression: A Marketing Services Company, has helped entrepreneurial and corporate clients build their ideas innovatively, by guiding their vision and marketing plans. Clients seek out his company’s expertise in digital content, online presence, identity brand management, and marketing, not just to fill the gap, but to take their messaging to the next level. Startups,

How to Overcome Your Fear of Selling

  In Death of a Salesman, the classic play by Arthur Miller, the story centres on Willy Loman, family breadwinner and failing salesman. His character is unstable, insecure, and self-deluded. He can’t seem to stop revisiting his formerly successful past and simply live in the present, and his inability to adapt to change results in his firing. It’s a sobering

The Importance of Financial Literacy

  The basics of financial literacy refer to a general understanding of how money works, measured through a skillset that allows a person to make effective choices while maximizing their financial resources. But just as common sense is not that common, neither is financial literacy. The Journal of Consumer Affairs states that fewer than one-third of young adults possess basic

The Business of Legal Cannabis in Canada

As of October 17, 2018, recreational use of cannabis will be legal in Canada, apart from minor regulations similar to laws governing alcohol consumption. With these changes comes numerous questions and concerns: Where will it be sold? How will it be restricted? How will legalization effect local economies? The answers to some of these questions will vary provincially, but it’s

The Smartest of Watches

  These days, watches are for more than simply telling time. There are some camps that feel the Apple Watch or Samsung Gear are nothing more than cool or gimmicky gadgets. The smart, forward-thinking small business owner sees the at-your-fingertips potential and steers clear of those camps. Mobile Portability Mobile is no longer solely an adjective. It has evolved into

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The Science of Self-Confidence

  Confidence is contagious. When you’re self-confident, you inspire everyone around you. People see that they can rely on you. And self-confidence is something you

Companies Refusing to Evolve

Disrupt or be disrupted? A simple glance at some of the most forward-thinking brands today – including Apple, Amazon, and Spotify – proves that change

CEO Salaries Soaring in Canada

By 10:09 am on January 2, 2020 Canada’s highest paid CEOs had made as much money as the average Canadian will earn all year, according to

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