by Jennifer

Connect with potential customers through The Edge: A Leader’s Magazine, a dynamic magazine and online hub that celebrates the unique personalities and accomplishments of entrepreneurs. The Edge inspires its avid readership to be entrepreneurial and to pursue their goals. By advertising with us, your brand can connect with a targeted and passionate audience, impacting your bottom line.

As a disruptor in the print industry, The Edge: A Leader’s Magazine is the first publication to offer exclusivity with local or national reach for advertisers. We understand the saturated market of advertising and have created a solution to help brands distinguish themselves from their competitors.

With an annual circulation of 120,000 and a quarterly publication, the benefit of advertising with The Edge means exclusivity and having the means to reach specific target demographics. Having exclusivity secures only one company from one industry, per city to appear in our issues. Additionally, our national circulation through all Chapters & Indigo stores across Canada gives advertisers the prominence to drive brand awareness, while we place strategies in place to help them target locally. Our advertisers benefit from our new Geo-target distribution, where we deliver magazines and specially designed printed newsletters with a redeemable promotion to a postal code of their choice via Canada Post to secure a trackable ROI.


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