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The Edge, A Leader’s Show is a video series hosted by Jackie Marson and Pragya Bisen. We dive deep into the minds of established entrepreneurs to learn what it takes to make a business successful. The guests we invite come from all walks of life and have cemented themselves in their respective industries.

Dr. Gavin Armstrong

An activist, an entrepreneur, and a humanitarian dedicated to combating global iron deficiency through simple health innovations. Dr. Gavin Armstrong knew he wanted to reform the society and bring social justice when he was just an undergraduate student at the University Of Guelph.

Ronnie Hew

In this episode of The Edge, A Leader’s Show, we chatted with Ronnie Hew, a leading financial educator who has been in the industry for over two decades. Ronnie discusses the highs and lows within the financial sector and explains how to sustain and make money in a declining market.

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