The Edge, A Leader's Magazine

About Us

The Edge, A leader's magazine

The Edge, A Leader’s Magazine is a vibrant print and digital entrepreneurial business publication based in Toronto, Canada, with a quarterly and national circulation. We produce articles on Money & Finance, Leadership, Business, Start-ups, Tech & Innovation, and Government policies. We interview and publish stories in our Winners’ Circle and Diverse Leaders section on how companies impact the economy, and drive change, leadership, innovation, and success.

Our History

Established in 2015 as World Index, and was re-branded in 2017 as The Edge, A Leader’s Magazine. The Magazine has been showcasing entrepreneurs who have succeeded, despite facing significant obstacles while en route to the pinnacle of their respective professions. The Magazine continues to evolve. In 2020, we launched a brand-new look to our Digital Magazine to continue engaging and providing our readers and customers with fresh and relevant content daily.

The Edge’s outreach includes leadership events, interactive business workshops, and in-person and online seminars in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We also strive to reflect the diversity of global influences that have shaped Canada.

Our Mission

One of The Edge’s most significant initiatives is to consistently shine a spotlight on Top Canadian Thought Leaders and Global Industry Influencers in every issue. Our inclusive, multicultural approach to the content we feature serves to provide real value and attract users from around the globe to our Website and Social-Media platforms.

Our print magazine produces quarterly, and retails in Chapters, Indigo, and high traffic bookstores across Canada and some US cities.