What Businesses Can Learn from the World’s Top Brands

When building your business, there’s no one better to learn from than the very best. Whether your business is small or medium-sized, you have probably wondered how you can enhance your reach. The world’s top brands are on top for a reason and if you want to glean insight from them, then you are off to a good start.

Thinking of ways to grow your business or get inspiration isn’t considered failure—it’s the opposite. Whether your company is in need of rebranding or you simply want to try something new, there are always lessons along the way to success.

Quality Control

Just because powerhouse brands such as Apple, Amazon, and Google are worth billions, doesn’t mean they can afford to be cheap where it counts. Quality control is all about making sure that your product is effective and error-free. While perfection isn’t always possible, the product/device should function with ease and provide little to no hassles for the customer. This goes for any service, whether it’s food, technology, clothing, etc. It may sound repetitive but what you sell needs to work and if it has more errors than expected, then customers won’t return, and they also won’t refer. This cuts your business off from future revenue and growth, which is why it’s a must.


As clichés go, honesty really is the best policy. People need to trust the business they are buying from and the services they provide. Covering up scandals or malfunctions isn’t a habit you want to adopt and ends up being costly in more ways than one. You would be surprised with how forgiving people can be (depending on the issue) if you get in front of it ahead of time. Whether the issue is personal or professional on any level at the company/business, customers have a right to know if it impacts them. Even a manager/CEO’s image can have a negative impact on a business, leaving customers to reconsider dealing with them at all. Remember, the consumer has invested time and money in your product and will continue to for as long as you are transparent.

Social Media

Marketing is always a huge part of a business and with all the social media channels at your disposal, it’s easy to reach your target audience. Brands like Nike, Samsung, and Gucci all have a social media presence to make themselves more available. Instagram is one of the best ways to get your business out there and showcase what you have. It’s free and you can reach your customers on a global scale in a way that many businesses couldn’t in the past. It’s also a great way to respond to customers directly and address any questions or concerns.


One thing a business of any size can learn from the biggest brands in the world is connecting. It’s not always something you can teach, especially if you think there’s no improvement needed. Consumers would like to devote themselves to a successful business for as long as it continues to grow and prosper (almost as much as those who are running the business). There’s a reason a lot of customers are devoted to certain brands and have them as staples in their everyday lives. Being able to connect with others, whether it’s through customer service, promotions, or any other creative way is very important.  A customer wants to feel valued and part of that is having the right people working for you. Many brands use campaigns and celebrities to spearhead them, creating more opportunities. That’s not to say that you need to break the bank hiring Selena Gomez and Michael B. Jordan, the way Coach did. You just need to see what works for you.

Dontei Wynter | Staff Writer



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