Kristin Kreuk: Burden of Truth and Smallville Actress

Kristin Kreuk

It’s not uncommon for actors to step behind the camera after years of perfecting their craft, and Kristin Kreuk is no exception. In the fourth season of her hit CBC show, which premiered on Jan 28 at 8 p.m. ET, the Burden of Truth star gets to add executive producer to her extensive resume. There are always several producers responsible for different tasks with any TV project, and The Edge had a chance to catch up with Kreuk on what it means for her to produce and act during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) at the mine, looking for information to help her client
Photo credit: by Shauna Townley

Since you’re also wearing an executive producer hat, what does that mean for this series? 

This series has meant a few things for me. Initially, it indicated that I was part of the team pitching and then developing the show. Later, I was involved in the creative aspects of the show. Although many experienced executive producers on this series, I have mostly used the status to learn and grow.  

I know Covid-19 is the last thing you want to talk about, but how have you been finding work with all of this? How has production changed? 

Working during a pandemic has been a challenge. For Eagle Vision, it meant developing and implementing protocols to protect everyone working on the show; these protocols were manifold, including PPE, social distancing measures, eating and drinking protocols, and reduction of hours to ensure everyone was getting rest.  Of course, some of the fun in shooting the series is no longer there, but the set is a safer place to be working. Honestly, one of the more challenging aspects of this was the increased difficulty in communicating and connecting due to being unable to see people’s faces.

What Covid-19 procedures did you take while both on and away from set?  

In addition to onset protocols, Covid-19, while I was off the set, I was at home or outside. 

You seem to always portray strong, confident, and powerful women, from Smallville to Beauty and the Beast and now Burden of Truth. Are those qualities you look for in character, or has it just been a reoccurring happy accident? 

I wouldn’t say that any of these characters were confident. Perhaps they put up a front of confidence, were satisfied in one aspect of their lives, or eventually developed a degree of faith, but, to me, they were/are all deeply insecure and uncertain. But yes, each woman had some power, whether it was through their career (a detective, a lawyer) or through powers they eventually acquired (Lana), and they each are strong (or stubborn, ha) in some aspect of their lives. The three characteristics you mentioned are perhaps how others may perceive them, but not how they perceive themselves, which doesn’t answer your question. I am not 100% certain what I look for in characters, and I think it is ever-changing, but I want to see someone struggling.

How is this season of Burden of Truth different from last season? 

Season 4 of Burden of Truth explores what it means to move forward in life with a full acknowledgment of the past. We always carry the past with us; our present and future contains our childhoods, our ancestors, our hopes realized and not, our betrayals, losses, loves, wins, and the mistakes we’ve made and damage we’ve done or have had done to us. Season 4 explores this through each of the characters as they make life-defining decisions. For Joanna, this is examined through parenthood and how she chooses to deal with one of the most damaging things she did as a young lawyer. But each character is confronting; this is a unique way. I think this season is the most well-rounded one yet.       

Dontei Wynter | Staff Writer

Featured photo: Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) at the mine, looking for information to help her client – Photo credit: by Steve Ackerman



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