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Lisa Pasquin

Transiting from a stable job at a large public relations and communication agency to taking a risk as a new mother to launch a ‘one-woman-band’

Shelley Niro: A Multi-Dimensional Artist

Award-winning multidisciplinary artist Shelley Niro is a true multimedia artist working across various media including photography, filmmaking, painting, sculpting, and beadwork. A member of the

Charting a Post-Pandemic Course

With so many changes in our lives resulting from the pandemic, there are undoubtedly new challenges ahead. They might involve re-opening businesses, re-launching, or merely adapting to shifts in our personal lives. It is also the time to take a

Unique Global Influencer

Anne-Marie Imafidon

  At the EU Commission’s Innovation Convention in 2014, Anne-Marie Imafidon said, “I do things when I want; I don’t wait for the government, or

Strategizing Debt to Your Advantage

Many companies use debt to get ahead, utilizing benefits like tax deductions on interest payments to leverage their businesses to help them expand and meet

Scot Keith of 123W

Work environments and office settings looked very different this year for most people globally, having to transition to work remotely due to the repercussions of

Latest Articles

Lisa Pasquin

Transiting from a stable job at a large public relations and communication agency to taking a risk as a new mother to launch a ‘one-woman-band’

The Social

The Fall/Winter 2020 issue of The Edge: A Leader’s Magazine features the hosts of CTV’s The Social. Read our exclusive interviews with Melissa Grelo, Cynthia Loyst, Marci Ien, Lainey Lui, and Jess Allen.  

Available in all Indigo, Chapters, Coles, and select book stores across Canada.

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The Power of Email Marketing

With the reach and overwhelming popularity of social media, email marketing could seem like an afterthought. But it’s as prevalent and effective as it was

How to Build a Rainy Day Budget

Many Americans know the importance of building an emergency fund, but few are able to do so successfully. Research from the AARP found that 53%

Investing in an Outside-the-Box Idea

Imagine remodelling your home to welcome complete strangers from around the globe, allowing them to use the place as their temporary abode. As soon as

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The Pros and Cons of Perfectionism

  Have you ever had a co-worker or friend who needed everything to be “just so?” Someone who wouldn’t quit until they’d done it all, and done it perfectly? Everyone loves to do a great job and bathe in the praise that comes along with it. But, when taken too far, an intrinsic fear of being “not good enough” can

Reverend Charles Swan: Journey to Religious Ministry

  Author and minister for over 40 years, Reverend Charles Swan reminisces on what inspires him and how he continues to serve after so many years. This is an excerpt from our interview with the reverend published in a previous issue. How did you get into the ministry? What made you decide to pursue theology? A sense of vocation and calling

How Gratitude Can Change Everything

  Living a happy life is as easy as being grateful. Gratitude has been shown to improve various aspects of life, including health, daily satisfaction, and the way we relate to others. It’s the act of being mindful by focusing on the present and appreciating what you have now, instead of wanting more. When we express gratitude, our mental focus

Kelly Holmes: A Champion’s Strength

  Retired British middle-distance runner and decorated Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes was a two-time gold medal winner (in the 800-metre and 1500-metre events) at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens. On the outside, she seemed to have it all, having just reached the pinnacle of achievement in her sport. Off the track, however, her personal life told a different

Breaking the Perception: Why You Should Hire Millennials

  Older generations have always been critical of the younger ones. From Socrates referring to youths as “bad-mannered tyrants with a lack of respect for their elders” to current young people being blamed for killing countless industries – the toxicity is real. The current generation receiving the criticism flack is the “millennial,” currently between 21 and 37 years of age.

How Marketing Automation Benefits the Financial Industry

  There’s a lot of talk about the importance of marketing automation these days. But how much of that is hype, and how much is real? The answer largely depends on the sector of your business. In the case of the financial services industry, marketing automation is becoming a key tool for many successful organizations. Marketers in the financial industry

Altered Humanity: How Technology is Changing Us

  Popular sci-fi TV shows like HBO’s Westworld and Netflix’s Altered Carbon explore ideas of what it means to be human in a world of technology that lets a person transfer their consciousness into a cloned or artificial body. It’s natural for viewers to wonder how plausible such advances are. While we may not yet have the ability to upload

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