Reasons Your Customers Aren’t Opening Your Emails

Running a business is no easy feat. There are tons to do, and you have to focus on keeping the company going and acquiring new customers while maintaining relationships with existing ones. So, you do what plenty of other companies do and invest in email marketing.
Email marketing generates great conversion rates and increases brand loyalty at very cost-effective prices, so it’s a sound investment. The only issue is that people may not be reading your emails. If this sounds like a problem you’re dealing with, consider these most common reasons your customers aren’t opening your emails.

The “From” Line Is Suspicious

Think about when you go through your personal emails. If a “from” line email looks suspicious or you don’t immediately recognize it, don’t you delete it without a second thought? This could be what’s happening with your customers.

Look at how your email “from” line looks. If it’s just a random Gmail account or another non-branded address, many people probably assume that your message is spam and deleting it rather than running the risk of getting a virus. Try to keep your “from” line professional by prominently featuring your company’s name in it.

The Subject Line Is Off

After the “from” line, the next thing customers look at before clicking into an email is the subject line. For the subject line to be effective, it must accurately represent what the email is about and catch the customer’s attention.

To illustrate, if the subject line states that an email contains a 30-percent-off coupon, but it doesn’t actually have one, the customer will most likely not open emails again from that business.

If piquing the user’s interest is a challenge for you, consider working on creating compelling email marketing subject lines with a professional. The more eye-catching it is, the better.

The Frequency Is Wrong

When your company sends emails too frequently, customers can get annoyed and become less inclined to open them. Excessively sending out emails can crowd your customers’ inboxes and lead them to see all your communications to them as unimportant.

On the other end of the spectrum, not sending emails out frequently enough can cause people to leave the emails you do send to them unopened. Customers need consistent communication to maintain a relationship with your brand and feel recognition when they see emails from you.

Consider communicating with your customers and allowing them to customize how often they receive emails from you so that you stay relevant without crossing over into overbearing territory.

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