Top Time-Saving Tools for the Entrepreneur


You’ve taken the plunge and set up your own enterprise. For an entrepreneur to be “on” 24/7 and function at peak performance levels, a little help, be it from an app or a gadget, is always welcome. Below are four tips to help keep you sane, creative, and productive as you work towards your entrepreneurial goals.

Your Health is Your Best Investment

An entrepreneur must always be on their toes; things change on a dime and work could keep you busy well past traditional business hours, so maintaining your health is top priority. Gadgets like Fitbit and its range of fitness trackers will monitor your vitals, track your caloric intake, and remind you to take a break to stretch or go for a walk. There are other options like Lumo Run and Motiv Ring.

Time Waits for No Entrepreneur

There’s so much to read, watch, and share these days that it seems like there’s never enough time to accomplish everything. How many times have you sworn to yourself that today is the day that you’ll reply to all your pending emails, only to realize that the day is almost over, and you haven’t had the time to even start? We live in an age of endless distractions, many of which can take time away from your work. To reduce distractions and be your most efficient self, try time-savers like ActiveInbox, a Gmail feature which changes your messages into tasks you can sort and organize, or StayFocusd, a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you ignore distractions by blocking certain sites for a period of time.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Imagine working away on an idea, clueless that someone else has already brought it to market or even failed with it. Now, imagine if there was a way to stay ahead of the competition – this is where Ahrefs comes in. A tool that gives you information on things like SEO, AdWords, and other crucial metrics that your competitors are using. Ahrefs claims to have data for over 240 million keywords in the US alone, with data from over 100 countries.

You Are Not Alone

Entrepreneurship can be an isolating experience, so it helps to know that there’s an entire community out there that can support you. There are lots of industry experts, potential mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs working at similar goals. And in many cases, they’re facing the same frustrations and worries that you are and could use – or share – some words of wisdom and encouragement. Organizations like Clarity gives entrepreneurs and business owners access to industry experts. Clarity users can also research specific topics relevant to their business, such as strategy and business development, and you can connect directly to experts for a more personal one-on-one interaction.

With the help of these apps and services, you can save some time and increase your efficiency, which is crucial for any entrepreneur. Good luck!


Baisakhi Roy | Contributing Writer



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