Emma Todd: Cryptocurrency is the 21st Century Version of Gold

Meet Emma Todd (aka, the Crypto-Queen)–CEO of MMH Technology Group. MMH deals with data systems, consulting, communications, and events for technology groups. Emma is a member of Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC). She is a skilled speaker and has participated in talks alongside notable speakers such as Al Gore and Edward Snowden. Emma’s knowledge has been utilized to aid Ottawa’s parliament, United Nations (UN), and to further assist major banking industries such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and HSBC. Emma is an inspiring professional. Here is what she had to say on a hot day in Southern, Ontario. 

What is your educational background and how important is it for companies to have a diverse team?

As far as my education, I have always been a reader. I love reading. I have studied at the University of Toronto, and I did my Master’s Degree from the University of Liverpool. I am hoping to do my doctorate at some point in the future. Well, a diverse team is crucial. When companies do not have a diverse team, it can cost financially and socially. I will not get into details; however, mistakes can and do occur. It is easy for companies to overlook particularities when their team lacks diversity–inclusiveness. My team has a diverse background–this allows for seeing things in a multifactorial way. This can help avoid errors.   

What is Cryptocurrency, blockchain, and how was MMH formed?

Cryptocurrency is digital money. It is the 21st century version of gold. The underlying technology is mostly blockchain. Blockchain can fix a lot of issues and does. People like blockchain because it is really secure, and it is nearly unhackable. It is private and things are traceable–a digital footprint is a digital footprint (Traceable). I had been in banking for fifteen years. I felt a real need for a new challenge. It happened that I attended a conference and fell in love with crypto: I was hooked. It was my vision to start my own company. I knew strategy, marketing, and combined it with crypto. This was the formation of MMH.

When did your passion for business and personal growth begin?

I have always been interested in business, marketing, and strategy. It is why I enjoyed working in the banking industry for as long as I did. It is important to “love” your job–not just like it. When you are having an awful day, you can at least say to yourself you are having a bad day–but at least you are doing what you love. If a person finds themself unhappy with what they are doing, then it might be time to do something else. People’s jobs influence a lot of their personal happiness. Do something that makes you happy–even if you are making less money, that is fine–you will find a way to make more money eventually–but at least you will be happy. Happiness is important. 

What advice do you have for those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Do your research; do your homework. Learn and read up on things. This is not a get-rich-quick method. This type of business can be transformative, but it is not for everybody, and it is not for all industries. The people involved are highly intelligent. This business requires you to have a thick skin. For example, the government is not your friend. If you get too well known, for instance, the government may try to knock you off a pedestal. Have a good lawyer. Learn every day–I learn something new in this business daily. Something new always comes up in my job. Be open to continuous learning.  

Is MMH a trendsetter and what are your future aspirations for this company?

I am not sure if my company is a trendsetter. I am living it, so it is hard for me to say. I love what I do. Many of the people involved in this business are good people. My aspirations…[Contemplates]. It is tough to say. I started this company the way I would normally tell people not to start up a new company. When you start a new company, you should start it with the mindset of selling it. However, I really enjoy my business and have no current intentions of selling it. My aspiration is to do well in mining and dabble in artificial intelligence (AI). I want to live a life knowing I am doing the best for everyone I can. I want to enjoy life.

How can people learn to get smarter with their money?

Someone needs to start up a course on financial literacy, which includes regular money as well as crypto. This would need to encompass traditional forms of money and new forms of digital money. People need to understand what is happening (education). Then people can be better equipped to avoid the scams. It is important to learn to continue to learn. Lifelong learning. As I mentioned. Stay positive. 

 Jason Waddle | Contributing Writer



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