5 Proven Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

Up until a few years ago, not only did people share almost every post and tweet they found the least bit interesting, they would routinely thank others for doing the same. This resulted in both companies and individuals having the ability to build large, engaged followings, which could potentially be leveraged to generate business. However, today that trend seems to have virtually disappeared.

According to Statista.com, only 16% of those between 18-25 share non-personal content such as ads or product information. And according to Sysomos.com, only 6% of Twitter posts get retweeted. So what can a business do to get more traction out of their social media activities? Try out these five proven ideas.

Reward for Sharing

Using hashtags gives you the ability to track conversations. Encourage your community to include your hashtag in their posts for a chance to receive gifts such as discounts.

Ask for Feedback

Introducing a new product? Ask for feedback on the design, packaging, or name. Not only will you get free market research, you’ll build some buzz.

Create a Sharing Environment

Encourage others to share their experiences when they visit your place of business. Have a designated “sharea” complete with backdrop, props, and selfies sticks.

Keep it Exclusive

Holding an event or having a special sale? Make it exclusively an invite through social media. Everyone who shares your post (with hashtag) gets on the guest list.

Be Disruptive

Forget looking like everyone else. Create a fun video, write an article that goes against popular opinion, or share some ground-breaking new information – like this article from Marc Gordon, who is a recognized marketing expert, speaker, and strategist. His articles appear in over 200 publications worldwide.

Marc Gordon | Contributing Writer



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