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Gillian Riley: Leading with Empathy, Innovating for the Future

Gillian Riley, the Chief Executive Officer of Tangerine Bank, has carved an impressive path in the financial industry, marked by transformative leadership and a commitment to customer-centric innovation. With over three decades of experience at Scotiabank, Riley has been at

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The Political Aspects of Climate Change

Climate change is a controversial topic, particularly in the realm of politics. The connotations of action and advocacy differ when discussed in political, scientific, and

Five Tips on Curbing Tech Addiction

Technological advances have improved people’s businesses, communications, and lifestyles — though not without impediments. Tech addiction is an obsessive urge for the excessive reliance on

Transformational Leadership

Leadership is an oft-defined and widely studied concept. A cursory search of popular leadership quotes will produce definitions such as, “A leader is a dealer

How to Ensure Economies Survive

With the world in a state of economic downturn, everyone is feeling the effects. The fallout from the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, climate change

Michael Lee-Chin

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A Champion’s Mentality

The Toronto Raptors shocked the sports world by winning the NBA Championship in June, but any devoted basketball fan will tell you that there wasn’t

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The Pros and Cons of Perfectionism

  Have you ever had a co-worker or friend who needed everything to be “just so?” Someone who wouldn’t quit until they’d done it all, and done it perfectly? Everyone loves to do a great job and bathe in the praise that comes along with it. But, when taken too far, an intrinsic fear of being “not good enough” can

Chandra K. Clarke: Success with Heart and Soul

  Chandra K. Clarke is an author, journalist, and entrepreneur who launched her own business, the professional online proofreading service Scribendi, in 1997, with her husband, Terry Johnson. After building into a successful venture with more than 300 employees and editors, Clarke and Johnson sold Scribendi to MAGNUM Capital Partners in 2017. Before selling Scribendi, Clarke and Johnson created another

David C. Onley, One of his Final Interviews with The Edge Magazine.

When The Honourable David C. Onley took his position as Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in 2007, it was a significant moment for Canadians and especially those with disabilities. Onley was the first Lieutenant Governor to have a visible disability, and from the outset, he sought to bring more awareness to the 1.8 million Ontarians like him. Partially paralyzed since childhood

How to Know When Your Business is Ready to Expand

Taking your business to the next level is the dream for many entrepreneurs and business owners. You’ve done the work to establish yourself in your market, you’ve had some wins (and, more than likely, a few setbacks that you’ve overcome), and you want to know if now is the time to expand. But you can do serious harm to your

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Sometimes, it seems every great idea is already taken. However, your idea doesn’t need to be new for your business to thrive. Successful companies like Netflix and Warby Parker were, once upon a time, start-ups that stemmed not from producing “the next big thing”, but from understanding what the market needed. Movies and glasses are not new concepts, but the

The Benefits of Investing in Continuing Education for Employees

  As businesses continue to strategize about growing in size and strength, finding and retaining employees is a crucial factor. Many companies look at hiring staff as investing in their potential. An entry-level position, if the successful candidate should stay with the organization for many years, can yield significant long-term benefits for both parties. Some staff may start out in

How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

  When you’re running a small business, negative online reviews can be detrimental, especially in the beginning. According to a survey conducted by BrightLocal, more than two-thirds of potential customers form their opinion of a business just after reading four reviews. Businesses are often terrified of ratings less than five stars. It’s important to understand that no matter how hard

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7 Ways to Work the Room Like a Star

Conferences, conventions, and other industry parties are just some of the occasions where networking plays a vital part for an entrepreneur or business owner. Whether

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