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Struggles with Making Crypto Ethical

It’s difficult to know whether or not cryptocurrency will be the future of the global economy because of its complex nature and its association with

Collision Puts Toronto In Tech Spotlight

Downtown Toronto was the epicentre of all things start-up in late June. Thirty-five hundred people convened at Collision Conference, one of the largest tech innovation

Creating a Meaningful ESG Strategy

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies refer to an organization’s focus on achieving goals related to climate change, socio-economic causes, and corporate behaviour. While pursuit of these goals may be driven by the organization, they are primarily a response to

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Michael Lee-Chin

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Tommy Hilfiger: A Visionary in Fashion

Tommy Hilfiger is not merely a globally recognized name brand – it’s synonymous with a clean, all-American look that epitomizes the fashion-forward lifestyle. But before

12 Ways to Optimize Your Personal Brand

Enhance your confidence and credibility as a leader with these 12 self-marketing tips. 1. Define Yourself Determine your strengths and values. Figure out what sets

Black History Month: Carrie Best

Photo courtesy of Berma Marshall. Rosa Parks wasn’t the first Black woman in American history to refuse leaving her seat for a white passenger. The

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Summer Book List: 6 Must-Reads for the Entrepreneur

  You want it all – the success, the income, the sales, the growth, the know-how. How you get there is another story; you can learn by doing, of course, or tap into the knowledge of others. There are existing blueprints that can help you chart a course, books to boost your business: some are classics, some are destined to

Job Automation Nation

  Between robots, self-driving cars, and 3D printers, technology is rapidly changing life as we know it – but at what cost? Sure, there’s little to fear from a 3D printer, but artificial intelligence (AI), is a totally different story. With the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and the late Stephen Hawking all publicly expressing their concerns about the

‘Job Ghosting’ on the Rise

  A common dating trend has made its way to the workplace. Known as “ghosting,” it involves ending a relationship without communication. There are no texts, emails, or phone calls; people simply disappear. For employers, this means staff members stop showing up for shifts without notice. For recruiters, new applicants go silent during the hiring process. Some will even schedule interviews

How Gratitude Can Change Everything

  Living a happy life is as easy as being grateful. Gratitude has been shown to improve various aspects of life, including health, daily satisfaction, and the way we relate to others. It’s the act of being mindful by focusing on the present and appreciating what you have now, instead of wanting more. When we express gratitude, our mental focus

The Business of Legal Cannabis in Canada

As of October 17, 2018, recreational use of cannabis will be legal in Canada, apart from minor regulations similar to laws governing alcohol consumption. With these changes comes numerous questions and concerns: Where will it be sold? How will it be restricted? How will legalization effect local economies? The answers to some of these questions will vary provincially, but it’s

Dealing with Business Rivals

  There’s no escaping competition when it comes to owning and operating a small or medium-sized business. You’re constantly facing a barrage of rivals who are trying to steal market share, customers, and ideas from you. It can be a tricky terrain to navigate, and some tactics like price-slashing can hurt your business. The last thing you want is to

Chandra K. Clarke: Success with Heart and Soul

  Chandra K. Clarke is an author, journalist, and entrepreneur who launched her own business, the professional online proofreading service Scribendi, in 1997, with her husband, Terry Johnson. After building into a successful venture with more than 300 employees and editors, Clarke and Johnson sold Scribendi to MAGNUM Capital Partners in 2017. Before selling Scribendi, Clarke and Johnson created another

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Five Unicorn Start Ups of 2020

Unicorns have been around since ancient Greek and Roman times. They’re creatures of legend: an animal, typically a pure white horse, with a large spiral

Nicola Harris, Co-Founder of Ubuntu

Nicola Harris is the co-executive director of the Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN), a community organizer, and the co-founder of The Centre for Strategic Impact.

Creating Healthy Habits

You know that you should eat better and exercise more. But there’s also a force pulling you in the other direction. That force is chocolate

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