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Zeze Peters, CEO of Beam.City DNA

The Human Factor in Artificial Intelligence The debate about whether advertising is an art or a science has long been a part of the industry’s

The Story of Wattpad

If you enjoy immersing yourself in a good story or have aspired to become a fiction writer, then you need to know about Wattpad —

Michael Lee-Chin

Subscribe now and get the latest Spring/Summer 2021 Edition featuring Michael Lee-Chin, billionaire businessman and philanthropist. Read about his insights on life, his bold suggestions for entrepreneurs, and his philosophy on giving back.

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Jane Wood: Founder of T.O.T Corp

Jane Wood is the founder of The Original Toy Corporation, or T.O.T Corp., an Ontario-based toy manufacturer, as well as the designer of the Gertie

Companies Refusing to Evolve

Disrupt or be disrupted? A simple glance at some of the most forward-thinking brands today – including Apple, Amazon, and Spotify – proves that change

Creating Healthy Habits

You know that you should eat better and exercise more. But there’s also a force pulling you in the other direction. That force is chocolate

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The Biology of Empowerment and the Psychology of Success

  “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle As we near the Fall of 2018, how many of your New

Services That Can Help You Improve Your Public Speaking

  Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking Thinking back to our school years, most of us can remember a time when we had to do a presentation in front of the class. For some, this was no big deal. But for many kids who later grew into anxious adults, the fear of public speaking (or glossophobia) is something that has

3 Questions to Determine Whether Your Business Needs an App

  “There’s an app for that.” The slogan is catchy, but is it true? Nowadays, it seems everything is accessible at the tip of your fingers, so it may be time to start thinking about whether your business needs an app or not. With a plethora of services available on the internet, it only makes sense for your business to

How Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit Helps New Businesses

  The scientific research and experimental development program, or SR&ED, is a Canadian tax incentive program that offers businesses working in research and development the opportunity to receive some money back, in the form of a tax credit on their eligible expenditures, from the Canadian Revenue Agency. Any privately-held Canadian company, individuals or trusts, members of a partnership, or other

Entrepreneurs and Families: How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

There is no denying that being an entrepreneur is hard work, but if you do it correctly it also provides an opportunity to focus on what’s important in life – family. “Balance is possible,” said Jasmine Sufi, the founder of Acutoronto Wellness Clinic. “But it is a struggle and one always wins over the other at varying times.” Relationship and

Capital Needs at Each Stage of Your Enterprise

  Each stage of an entrepreneurial firm’s lifecycle presents unique funding challenges. Here’s a look at the capital requirements and demands of each stage. Seed At the seed stage, your business is just a thought or idea. You’ll spend this time matching business opportunities to your skills, experience, and passions. You’ll also be exploring potential sources of cash, typically owners,

Dr. Breanne Everett: Medical Tech Visionary

  Dr. Breanne Everett is the CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies, which she co-founded when she was just 25. She developed the SurroSense Rx, a pressure-sensitive shoe insert for people suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the loss of feeling in the feet and lower legs caused by diabetes. The goal of the device was to save the limbs – and

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10 Simple Ways to Work Smarter

In today’s working world, the importance of productivity and a good work ethic is preached and praised. Working smarter helps you become a more competent,

Joel Brown: Propelling Others to Succeed

Joel Brown created Addicted2Success and coaches more than 200 aspiring entrepreneurs each month as part of his exclusive Mind-Strong Alliance group and has established himself

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