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Black History Month: Anne Cools

Photo courtesy of Senate of Canada. Writers and political scientists have often discussed what drives someone to a life of politics — be it circumstance,

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Zeze Peters, CEO of Beam.City DNA

The Human Factor in Artificial Intelligence The debate about whether advertising is an art or a science has long been a part of the industry’s

The Story of Wattpad

If you enjoy immersing yourself in a good story or have aspired to become a fiction writer, then you need to know about Wattpad —

Michael Lee-Chin

Subscribe now and get the latest Spring/Summer 2021 Edition featuring Michael Lee-Chin, billionaire businessman and philanthropist. Read about his insights on life, his bold suggestions for entrepreneurs, and his philosophy on giving back.

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Kelly Holmes: A Champion’s Strength

  Retired British middle-distance runner and decorated Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes was a two-time gold medal winner (in the 800-metre and 1500-metre events) at the

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Dr. Breanne Everett: Medical Tech Visionary

  Dr. Breanne Everett is the CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies, which she co-founded when she was just 25. She developed the SurroSense Rx, a pressure-sensitive shoe insert for people suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the loss of feeling in the feet and lower legs caused by diabetes. The goal of the device was to save the limbs – and

How to Know When Your Business is Ready to Expand

  Taking your business to the next level is the dream for many entrepreneurs and business owners. You’ve done the work to establish yourself in your market, you’ve had some wins (and, more than likely, a few setbacks that you’ve overcome), and you want to know if now is the time to expand. But you can do serious harm to

Jamie Kern Lima: A New Kind of Cosmetics Mogul

  Jamie Kern Lima built herself a global makeup brand and empire with IT Cosmetics. The makeup brand, which was later acquired by L’Oréal for an estimated $1.2 billion in 2016, was originally created by Kern Lima in her living room in 2008. A former Miss Washington USA 1999, former contestant on the first season of Big Brother, and former

How to Be a Leader, Not a Boss

  As a leader, you want to inspire your employees, customers, and the world with your vision. Managing people and situations and making decisions effectively can be done without engaging in authoritarian or lenient behaviour. The balance between the two can be found in these four skills that you can strengthen to become a strong, affable leader that connects with

How to Grow Your Online Business

  Anyone with spare time and internet access can start an online business. A successful online business, however, takes perseverance and care. Whatever your product or service, there are several ways to ensure you grow and stand out. A successful business is highly rewarding, and we know that all rewards come with an equal amount of risk. It’s necessary to

How to Become an Intelligent Investor

  While prudence will drive the beginner investor to follow market trends and stay conventional, time, experience, and the desire to earn higher returns should soon compel them to become an intelligent investor. It’s unrealistic and foolish to try to beat the market, but raising your investing intelligence could bring you a rate of return on your portfolio of 10%

Diana Livshits: A Canadian Entrepreneur’s Story

Within days of installing see-through Solartech blinds in her home, former Nortel employee Diana Livshits realized the genius of the product, bought the Canadian rights to the 30-year-old technology, and started producing her own version under the name Krumpers Solar Blinds. Livshits went on to win the 2015 Scotiabank EcoLiving Business Leadership Award for her work with Krumpers in Canada,

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Kelly Holmes: A Champion’s Strength

  Retired British middle-distance runner and decorated Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes was a two-time gold medal winner (in the 800-metre and 1500-metre events) at the

‘Job Ghosting’ on the Rise

  A common dating trend has made its way to the workplace. Known as “ghosting,” it involves ending a relationship without communication. There are no texts,

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