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Black-Owned Start-Ups to Support

The Black Lives Matter protests shed much-needed light on the problems of systemic racism.  In Canada and the U.S., several businesses released apologies, and the

16 Inspirational Quotes by Black Leaders

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” – Dr. Mae Jemison, first African-American female astronaut “In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we

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Zeze Peters, CEO of Beam.City DNA

The Human Factor in Artificial Intelligence The debate about whether advertising is an art or a science has long been a part of the industry’s

The Story of Wattpad

If you enjoy immersing yourself in a good story or have aspired to become a fiction writer, then you need to know about Wattpad —

Michael Lee-Chin

Subscribe now and get the latest Spring/Summer 2021 Edition featuring Michael Lee-Chin, billionaire businessman and philanthropist. Read about his insights on life, his bold suggestions for entrepreneurs, and his philosophy on giving back.

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Jeet Banerjee: The Serial Entrepreneur

Jeet Banerjee is not even 30 and he’s already started – and sold – two successful companies. Born and raised in California, Banerjee created his

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How Gratitude Can Change Everything

  Living a happy life is as easy as being grateful. Gratitude has been shown to improve various aspects of life, including health, daily satisfaction, and the way we relate to others. It’s the act of being mindful by focusing on the present and appreciating what you have now, instead of wanting more. When we express gratitude, our mental focus

Dr. Breanne Everett: Medical Tech Visionary

  Dr. Breanne Everett is the CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies, which she co-founded when she was just 25. She developed the SurroSense Rx, a pressure-sensitive shoe insert for people suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy, the loss of feeling in the feet and lower legs caused by diabetes. The goal of the device was to save the limbs – and

Mitch Joel: Media and Marketing Seer

Mitch Joel has built a reputation as a digital marketing guru, a sought-after speaker, and an author. He was the president of Mirum, a marketing agency operating in 48 offices around the globe, with over 2,500 employees. In 2002, Joel joined Twist Image, a digital marketing company, and became its president. Twist’s clients included Home Depot, Microsoft, Scotiabank, TD Canada

Jan Kestle: Creating Success Using Analytics

  Jan Kestle is Founder and President of Environics Analytics and has been a leader in the marketing information industry for more than forty years. Jan has used her expertise in using statistics and mathematics to solve numerous business challenges for many companies in North America and abroad. When not using analytics to improve a company’s business, Jan makes keynote

Reid Hoffman: Improving the World, One Startup at a Time

  Playing board games and studying philosophy at a young age sparked a vision to help evolve humanity for billionaire venture capitalist Reid Hoffman. His admiration for philosophers like Aristotle and Ludwig Wittgenstein guided his business decisions and investment strategies, which he incorporated into his own startups and later used to mentor other entrepreneurs. Born in Palo Alto, California in

How Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit Helps New Businesses

  The scientific research and experimental development program, or SR&ED, is a Canadian tax incentive program that offers businesses working in research and development the opportunity to receive some money back, in the form of a tax credit on their eligible expenditures, from the Canadian Revenue Agency. Any privately-held Canadian company, individuals or trusts, members of a partnership, or other

Diana Livshits: A Canadian Entrepreneur’s Story

Within days of installing see-through Solartech blinds in her home, former Nortel employee Diana Livshits realized the genius of the product, bought the Canadian rights to the 30-year-old technology, and started producing her own version under the name Krumpers Solar Blinds. Livshits went on to win the 2015 Scotiabank EcoLiving Business Leadership Award for her work with Krumpers in Canada,

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