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Five Tips on Curbing Tech Addiction

Technological advances have improved people’s businesses, communications, and lifestyles — though not without impediments. Tech addiction is an obsessive urge for the excessive reliance on

Creating a Meaningful ESG Strategy

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies refer to an organization’s focus on achieving goals related to climate change, socio-economic causes, and corporate behaviour. While pursuit of these goals may be driven by the organization, they are primarily a response to

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Michael Lee-Chin

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Transformational Leadership

  Leadership is an oft-defined and widely studied concept. A cursory search of popular leadership quotes will produce definitions such as, “A leader is a

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Sometimes, it seems every great idea is already taken. However, your idea doesn’t need to be new for your business to thrive. Successful companies like

The Business of Legal Cannabis in Canada

As of October 17, 2018, recreational use of cannabis will be legal in Canada, apart from minor regulations similar to laws governing alcohol consumption. With

Time to Go Public?

To go or not to go – that’s the question many private companies ask themselves as they consider the next step in their evolution: going

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Vin Lee: Powerhouse Boss of Luxury

Few entrepreneurs can say they have left their indelible mark on the world of luxury, but Vin Lee is one of those few. Hollywood stars, celebrities, royalty, and heads of state have worn Lee’s jewelry collections. His caviar has been consumed by the rich and famous; his ultra rare cigars puffed by the select elite. Lee is CEO of Grand

5 Perks to Help Small Businesses Attract and Retain Employees

  Google employees enjoy meals cooked by an on-site chef and sleep pods in order to catch mid-day naps. Facebook employees receive a 30-day break after five years of working and a wellness reimbursement for healthy living. These are just some of the perks larger corporations offer to not only attract the best employees, but to retain them as well.

Top Time-Saving Tools for the Entrepreneur

  You’ve taken the plunge and set up your own enterprise. For an entrepreneur to be “on” 24/7 and function at peak performance levels, a little help, be it from an app or a gadget, is always welcome. Below are four tips to help keep you sane, creative, and productive as you work towards your entrepreneurial goals. Your Health is

How Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit Helps New Businesses

  The scientific research and experimental development program, or SR&ED, is a Canadian tax incentive program that offers businesses working in research and development the opportunity to receive some money back, in the form of a tax credit on their eligible expenditures, from the Canadian Revenue Agency. Any privately-held Canadian company, individuals or trusts, members of a partnership, or other

Jamie Kern Lima: A New Kind of Cosmetics Mogul

  Jamie Kern Lima built herself a global makeup brand and empire with IT Cosmetics. The makeup brand, which was later acquired by L’Oréal for an estimated $1.2 billion in 2016, was originally created by Kern Lima in her living room in 2008. A former Miss Washington USA 1999, former contestant on the first season of Big Brother, and former

Altered Humanity: How Technology is Changing Us

  Popular sci-fi TV shows like HBO’s Westworld and Netflix’s Altered Carbon explore ideas of what it means to be human in a world of technology that lets a person transfer their consciousness into a cloned or artificial body. It’s natural for viewers to wonder how plausible such advances are. While we may not yet have the ability to upload

Mental Health in the Workplace

If you wake up dreading your workday, you’re not alone. According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, 70% of Canadians are concerned about the psychological health and safety of their workplace. Since your workspace is where you spend the majority of your time, addressing any work-related mental health issues is paramount. Mental health also affects employers; the Canadian Mental

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Timbaland: Grammy-Winning Music Producer

Timbaland is without equal in his influence, groundbreaking sound inventions, and partnerships with scores of upper-tier modern musicians. Over the past two decades, the 47-year-old

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