How Being Charitable Can Help Your Business

As someone who owns a business, you know that your customers are at the very heart of what you do. Whether you work with wholesalers or end-users, the customers you provide for are the reason you’re able to stay afloat in these crazy times. If you haven’t already started, now is the perfect time to give back a little of what you get from them. It’s not just nice; it’s also good business. We’ll show you how being charitable can help your business more than you might think.

Gain Good Publicity

It would be disingenuous not to mention how much public opinion about your company matters. Giving back to the community that has given so much to you is one of the hallmarks of a great company. The key here that you don’t want to give back simply to look good. Customers can smell a hollow gesture from a mile away, so make sure you’re donating to causes that you really care about and support.

Tax Deductions

A more direct example of how being charitable can help your business is charitable tax deductions. If you want some of these, you’ll need to really go out of your way to show support for a good cause. Eligible donations can include:

  • Donations of goods your company makes
  • Donations of services your company can provide for free
  • Cash donations
  • Sponsoring certain charitable events

Tax deductions can be a huge boon when tax time comes around, so don’t think your good deed will go unseen.

Employee Morale

It’s becoming more and more the case that new employees are looking for opportunities to give back. If your company can provide these opportunities, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a more motivated workforce and see an increase in the quality of candidates that want to work for you. Keeping your employees happy is just as important as keeping your customers happy.

Customer Loyalty

No matter how you choose to give back, remember that it’s about boosting your community more than yourself. If you can show that you’re willing to take a hit for the good of others, your customers will come to trust your business more. People want to believe that companies aren’t just out for their money. If you can demonstrate that you want to improve their lives—rather than just line your pockets—you’ll have a loyal customer in no time.

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