Tailoring Marketing Campaigns for Your Industry

What marketing campaign would be best suited for your business? It’s a question that eventually comes up for any entrepreneur and there isn’t a one size-fits-all method, either. When it comes to businesses, both old and new, marketers will always have to find the best strategy (and budget) for their company. It can be overwhelming, but if you’re patient, have guidance, and surround yourself with a good team, then the process won’t seem so taxing. Based on five industries, here are the tailored marketing campaign tips that could yield the best return on investment.


The fashion industry has been going through some changes lately and it can seem like some styles are making a comeback. Does that mean that designers are running out of ideas? It’s a common thought, but it depends on who you ask and what people feel comfortable wearing. When it comes to something as subjective as fashion, one of the best ways to market is to use influencers. Whether the clothes are tailored for men or women, influencers (both micro and macro) have the ability to sell your brand to their audience­­. Followers trust their influencers and it’s an inexpensive way to gain a high ROI.


There are no shortages of restaurants in the city and that’s not including entrepreneurs with their own catering companies. These days, everything is a saturated market, so it’s important to stay noticeable and differentiate yourself as much as possible. Will your type of food be different than someone else’s? Maybe not—but if your food is good enough, then you will have already gained a loyal following that won’t stray to the competition. Good old-fashioned referrals are still the best way to engage clientele. Getting customers to sample your food at events (such as Winterlicious or Summerlicious) will give you the rave reviews you need.


There are many ways to approach this, but a budget has to be kept in mind. You could put all your resources into a billboard in a prime location, or you could rely on surveys and honest customer reviews. No matter the technology (whether it’s headphones or laptops) customers want to trust the brand they’re using and are more likely to buy related products. The price of your hardware isn’t the only concern for the customer but rather its effectiveness. When looking for anything new, people want to get a sense of the products results, before investing their time and money.

Real Estate

Having an online presence when selling anything can either help or hurt your business, but if you’re selling houses, you want to focus more on your ability. Yes, you can have a company website, but another way is to make your online presence work for you. Leveraging your community is a great way to get referrals and once you have one satisfied customer, you’re bound to gain more. One sure way to do this is Instagram. It’s a great way to reach your existing audience and potential clients, while offering transparency and results. Anytime you close a deal, feel free to post it and show people that you’re committed and approachable.


Just because your budget is on the smaller side, doesn’t mean that your imagination should be, too. Marketers, and the businesses they work for, need to be more creative than the usual cold calls and emails. When it comes to tourism or hospitality, people like to be shown what they’re missing, rather than being told. Nothing beats a great visual with a story behind it and there’s plenty of that on social media. How you wish to be creative is your strategy to discover, but it’s never been easier to promote a destination, than right now. Instagram is littered with users posting their travels, giving everyone just enough envy to compete and book their next trip.

Dontei Wynter | Staff Writer



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