There’s Beauty in Isolation for Mother’s Day

For many working and busy moms, multi-tasking has become that much more of a challenge these days, made worse by lockdown and isolation. Between the doldrums and cabin fever, managing the kids and managing work, life suddenly just got a whole lot more complicated.

The good news, is that despite it all, it’s still possible to nurture the soul, and body, even when homebound and run ragged. 

Mother’s Day is May 10, and it’s the perfect time to treat mom (or yourself, if you happen to be a mom) with some of those little things in life that bring happiness.

How about a nice end-of-day (not “end of days”!) bubble bath, to ease the tension? How about a “spa” night, with mud mask, exfoliator, a cool facial cream? A trip to the nearest health food store to get fancy organic soaps? Or something as simple as buying new leggings, to enjoy yoga or meditation?

To maintain good mental and physical health, it’s essential to step away, even for a few precious moments. There is beauty in isolation, both in the literal and figurative sense.

If you’re curious what to buy for that ersatz in-home Jacuzzi, there is a line of products called Me! Bath. Their Mystic Mermaid bath bomb has a soothing combination of ingredients as Epsom salt, sea salt, jojoba, almond oil, sesame, macadamia, and sunflower. It boasts a “soft aquatic scent,” and skin-moisturizing oils. The brand’s Unicorn Magic is pink bubble fun, with a fruity scent. For those keen to know, neither of them are tested on animals, are PETA approved cruelty-free, and the packaging is biodegradable. Very often, yes, there is pure joy in bubble baths.

Meanwhile, cosmetics company Elizabeth Grant makes various creams for the in-house spa night. For example, their Green Power with Hemp Oil Detox Mask. Using a combination of green anti-oxidants and superfoods as kale, spirulina, and spinach, it helps skin become brighter, hydrated and smoother. They also make a Green Power Active Boost Day Cream that contains hemp seed oil and chockablock of minerals that help reduce dryness, and improve the overall look of the skin. 

If handling day-to-day stress is her number one challenge, there is a way for her to achieve that Zen place of feeling grounded, with Mother’s Day Meditation. (It’s not a thing – but really, it ought to be). Treat her to some easy-fitting clothing or new leggings for her mental getaway.  

Meditation’s not that hard to learn, and there’s no shortage of online tutorial videos, to help make the world calmer and quiet. It’s good for the heart rate, and detox of the mind, especially after juggling a day’s worth of tasks. 

Tell mom it’s OK to take a break, and escape with a little down time for Mother’s Day! 

Dave Gordon | Contributing Writer



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