Six Best Financial Podcasts

On his podcast The Dana Gould Hour, the comedian noted that the word “podcast” has outlasted the technology for which it was named. iPods went out of style years ago, but the medium has managed to survive, thanks to the untapped wealth of content that creators may not have even known they had in them. 

Experts both in and out of their fields filled the digital ether with true crime stories, political arguments, and practical advice. The most practical of all advice — how to manage your money — is well-platformed. Financial podcasters can provide guidance on a number of issues pertinent to every North American.

Here are the best financial podcasts to help make your money work for you.

Maple Money

Different financial advice is going to be useful to you as you progress through life, but Maple Money gives Canadians a general understanding of the financial game. Financial analyst and host Tom Drake began the show as an extremely popular blog, and fans were waiting for a sister show. Drake walks listeners through the basics of debt, financial planning, and virtually any financial issue a homeowner may face.

The Canadian Investor

One key ingredient in any successful podcast is the “infotainment” factor. Co-hosts Braden Dennis and Simon Belanger deliver high-energy chatter while also delving deep into the Canadian financial system. Dennis, CEO of Stratosphere Investing, offers listeners a vast array of online investing resources. It’s ideal for anyone looking to develop their own investment strategy.  

The Ramsey Show

If you’re financially literate at all, you’ve likely heard of Dave Ramsey. The author of The Total Money Makeover hosted a show on Fox Business for three years before returning to the airwaves and eventually becoming a podcaster. Every week, 18 million listeners tune in for general information on how to get out of debt, what to do with their student loan refund, and more. Not all of the information is relevant to Canadians, though a great deal of the more practical advice is universal. 


Often in the gender gap, hearing empowering stories from successful women can be inspiration enough. That’s why each week, Sallie Krawcheck and Kristy Wallace reach out to female authors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who share what they’ve learned from their experiences.   

HerMoney Podcast

Personal finance journalist Jean Chatsky hosts one of the most popular podcasts for women interested in finance. Chatsky recognizes right on her website that, when it comes to spending and saving, men and women are simply different. HerMoney offers advice on investing and financial planning, but Chatsky’s goal is to inspire young women to go into the field.

Ditch The Suits

Eventually, it will come time to think about retirement. Ditch The Suits was launched in 2021 to talk frankly about issues such as generational wealth planning and retirement readiness. The episodes run shorter than the average podcast — only about half an hour each — and the brevity is welcome.

Kenny Hedges | Contributing Writer



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