Safety Tips for Black Friday During COVID-19

For many especially shopaholics, that favourite time of the year is here (no, not Christmas) – it’s  Black Friday and that comes the best deals for the year  with ample time to get your holiday shopping completed.

In previous years, eager early birds would be lined up the night before, in order to get their door-crasher items, but this year has been drastically altered by COVID-19. While retail therapy can be helpful to one’s health during a global pandemic (and a much-needed break from stress) shoppers still need to stay cautious and maintain proper distance.

Here are a few tips to keep you in getting all the Black Friday deals with considering the strict COVID-19 regulations.

Online Shopping

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading, maintaining physical distance is a key to staying safe. Therefore, naturally, the best way to shop during a global pandemic or lockdown is online. If you normally stick to your usual stores, then chances are you will be more comfortable to order clothes online without worrying about sizing. Shopping online is the best way to keep a safe distance during COVID-19 and it’s also a great way to see great deals, as they happen.

Curbside Pickup

Curbside pickup works for your food, so why not your clothes and other purchases such as apparels, appliances, etc.? Many stores (not just apparel) offer curbside pickup, making it another way to keep you safe and get the things you need picked up at a safe distance, with little contact. Malls might also offer a designated parking area for curbside pickup, making it easier to identify where to go.

Check for Dates

While it may be called Black Friday, the sales associated with it don’t always start and end on the actual day. Shoppers can keep an eye on deals happening weeks before or after, allowing time to beat the rush. Keeping an eye on for the best deals is also a good way to make sure they’re still in stock, instead of waiting until later. Not shopping during peak hours will also allow you to avoid contact in crowded areas, reducing your risk of contracting the virus. And don’t forget Cyber Monday, where one can get the best deals in technology.

Use Apps/Websites

Don’t just rely on brick and mortar when it comes to your Black Friday deals—try something new for a change. With most businesses prioritizing digital sales, check the website and apps of your favourite stores with exclusive digital prices. Signing up to newsletters and subscription gives you a heads up on whatever it is you’re looking for, just in time for the holidays.

Dontei Wynter | Staff Writer



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