Productivity Apps for Business Leaders

Times have changed, and people have evolved from a “work hard” mentality to a “work smart” mindset. Time is money, and efficiency is key. Thanks to technology, we can automate boring tasks and make more effective use of our time. 

As an industry leader, it’s not enough for you to just “get things done” anymore. You must connect with employees and attach tasks with a sense of purpose, so employees are inspired, thus encouraging excellent performance. Productivity apps can also help unite employees because they can visually see that they’re part of a team, striving for the same goals.

These apps serve a broad range of functions, but the main purpose of a productivity app is to help users become more productive and finish their tasks promptly. They are used to increase effective leadership and to help organize the work so everything is done efficiently, saving both time and money. Accomplish more while doing less with these productivity apps at your fingertips. 

Smartsheet https://www.smartsheet.com/

Whether it’s a department-wide or company-wide project, keep schedules on track and improve collaboration with Smartsheet. Over 90 per cent of Fortune 100 companies use this app to get work done. It’s the only platform that can scale from a single project to end-to-end work management, connecting business on a no-code, cloud-based platform where everyone can come together and create solutions. No need to worry about security as Smartsheet is enterprise-grade, so access to policies and data is safe. 

ClickUp https://clickup.com/ 

Combine personal tasks and your team’s agenda with ClickUp, an easy-to-use project management tool built for teams of all sizes. Work, collaborate, and communicate smoothly in one place. You’re able to prioritize and track projects, integrate with other apps, chat in real-time, and set goals, among many other features. This free mobile app also allows you to assign tasks to multiple people. Tasks can also be automated to be repeated at specific intervals to save time. 

Trello https://trello.com/

Trello has all the essential workspace features — and then some. The visual setup supports boards, lists, and cards, so you can always see upcoming due dates, checklists, attachments, and conversations. Customizing and rearranging elements is also easy to do. Trello lets you add labels to easily sort and find certain tasks, and the checklist makes it easy to see your progress visually. For those who have sporadic service or are working remotely from their phones, Trello allows you to add and mark off tasks without an internet connection, and everything will sync up the next time it’s connected. 

Post-it® Plus https://www.post-it.co.in/3M/en_IN/post-it-in/ideas/plus-app/

This one is for the creatives, for those who love brainstorming sessions and can’t be bothered with stopping the momentum to organize their thoughts. This app allows you to capture your notes after a work session, rearrange and refine them however you like, and then share the organized board with everyone on the team so they can build on these ideas. 

Hootsuite https://www.hootsuite.com/ 

Anyone with a business knows how important marketing is, and social media is key to reaching customers and building brand loyalty. However, if you are still going to each individual platform to post, you’re wasting time. Hootsuite lets you manage and schedule posts on multiple social media platforms. You can track how your posts are doing, monitor trends, and stay up to date with customers and competitors. 

Appointlet https://www.appointlet.com/

Tired of wasting time going back and forth manually scheduling meetings? Save time and streamline your scheduling method with Appointlet. As a leading scheduling tool for small- and medium-sized businesses, this app allows you to configure what type of meeting you want to host and provide available time slots that your clients can choose from. It also allows one-on-one bookings, as well as groups. Your clients or co-workers simply choose a time slot that works for them, and the rest is automated. 

Jostle https://jostle.me/about/

Company intranets are meant to keep employees connected and informed. However, they often become confusing and overwhelming, leading to failure. Jostle takes a different approach and is designed to help employees plug in and quickly find what they need. With an emphasis on simplicity and user experience, the app makes it easy for everyone to connect, communicate, and celebrate success across all locations and departments.  

Zapier https://zapier.com/

Zapier connects more than 5,000 apps so they can talk to each other and makes automated processes between them possible. It is used to chain together commands in a simple “if x, then y” formula. For example, if you get a lead on Facebook, then they will receive an email. To set up the automation or “Zap”, simply choose the trigger, which in this case is the lead on Facebook. Then choose the action, which is the email. So now, every time you get a lead on Facebook, they will automatically receive an email instead of having to do it manually. The best part is that you can combine any number of services together. Zapier helps to streamline customer communication and team projects, so you save time and energy to put into growing.

Toggl Track https://toggl.com/track/

Reliable time tracking software allows you to understand how long projects really take, thus improving productivity. If you are selling a product or service, it’s easy to undercharge if you have no sense of how much time you’re putting into it. With Toggl Track, you can quote projects with data-backed precision. Users reported up to 25 per cent increase in billable hours with accurate time tracking. You can figure out what your least and most profitable projects are, and it also helps you stay accountable. In the end, you’ll know the value of your work and you will understand where you can save time for maximum productivity.

Helen Jacob | Contributing Writer



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