Nadine Dumas: International Fitness Coach

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Nadine Dumas: International Fitness Coach

by admin - 3 min read

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What were some of the challenges you encountered on your journey to fitness?

To be honest I have never had a big weight loss journey, it’s been more of my personal journey that has led to the FIT me. Eleven years ago, I moved to the Caribbean by myself as a professional accountant. I did the typical 10-pound weight gain once I got here, that’s when I found my love for fitness. Shortly after that, I attended a fitness show and decided to try it out for myself. I loved the rush of being on stage, and I did well in my shows. After winning my show and having so many friends and family interested in how I did it, I really fell in love with wanting to share my knowledge with those around me and decided to turn it into a profitable business.

As the years went by, I started to realize more and more that it really wasn’t as much the dieting process that was going to change my clients’ bodies and minds. It was the attention they needed from someone who would listen; someone that had a deeper understanding of what they were going through. During that time, I had dealt with many personal struggles which made me see how stress and life changes can affect the body, and I was able to apply that to my clients. I have been through financial struggles, being a signature away from claiming bankruptcy, and the stress of leaving my corporate job and starting a business of my own. I have been through pregnancy, becoming a mother and shortly after, a single mother.

During those years as a fitness competitor, which strongly mimics strict dieting and fad diets, I had 25-pound weight gains and losses, I messed up my metabolism, and I felt incredibly uncomfortable in my own skin. All of this has made me the coach I am today because I can relate to my clients in similar situations; I get it. I’ve had to figure out how to overcome all these challenges through learning and educating myself.

Where do you see yourself and your business in the future?

I see myself and my business continuing to have an impact in health and wellness. My goal is to take my knowledge and credibility in the industry and create a brand much bigger than just my coaching. A product that can reach millions and sell globally. I would love to be able to consult and still have my ‘hands in the game’ while my product consistently grows in the market.

How do you define a great leader in the fitness industry?

To be a great leader in the fitness industry, you must be a go-getter, be persistent and have integrity. Granted there are many people out there, just like in any industry, that don’t carry the same qualities. These people do tend to rise quite fast and fall even harder. The fitness industry is tough as it’s growing at an exponential rate. As long as you keep your integrity and grow with the industry, you will make a great leader.

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