Dr. Akram Hasan: Innovation Excellence through Drive and Belief

Dr. Hasan Akram is the CEO of Matrickz GmbH, an automotive software company specializing in safety solutions, and is the mind behind Brainvincible GmbH, an enterprise dedicated to the enhancement of cognitive performance.

These are just two of his most well-known disruptive and immensely successful multi-million dollar enterprises across diverse industries. Moreover, he is an author, with his latest, “The Million Dollar Monk: The Spiritual Path to Entrepreneurial Abundance.” 

What’s the gist of Million Dollar Monk?

Hasan:  If you want to achieve something, the highest order is drive. This is something that cannot be taught at Harvard or any college. The second one is belief. No matter how much you try to have the drive, if you don’t believe in something, it’s just not going to work. Your belief system creates your reality. The final part is perseverance. A lot of people ask me, ‘how long will it take to achieve x.’ My answer is always, ‘As long as it takes you.’ I can’t guarantee that if you try you will achieve it. But I can tell you with absolute certainty that if you don’t try, it’s not going to happen on its own. 

How has personal development helped you as a leader? 

Hasan:  There will always be things you have to deal with. As a CEO, I’m a firefighter. When things escalate to me, I have to deal with the worst of the worst. But if you are in a gratitude mindset, those things will not be as bad. There was a time when firing someone was a really hard job for me. But this is part of business. I do it with a gratitude mindset: knowing it’s best for that person, best for me, and doing it with the best intent, in a calm state. 

What’s the latest with Matrickz? 

Hasan: We are working in the autonomous vehicle domain. We have worked in the AI space ever since the company was born 10 years ago. 

Every business in the world can be at least two hundred times more productive today if they know how to implement AI right. AI is not going to replace human beings; it’s going to enhance humans. We could do six months of engineering in a few hours using AI. What we are looking for is franchise partners around the world that will take our AI education program and make it global, so the global productivity skyrockets.  

Why haven’t you taken a vacation in two decades?

Hasan: When you are in love with your craft, every day is a vacation. I’m living life on my own terms. 

How did you, a guy with no entrepreneur skills or sales skills, go into business? 

Hasan: I wanted to be on my own. I was a computer scientist, so I had these skills. I wanted to build something that would make me independent. I enjoyed my freedom. And it has allowed me to contribute to the world. I did it without understanding the baggage that comes with entrepreneurship. If I did know, it would probably scare me. I was fearless. 

How do you offer upskilling opportunities?

Hasan: I’m training everyone in AI. It’s always on the top of our priority. It’s not that we have a fixed program or training. Every couple of months there is something new coming. So, we have in my company something called the AI squad, always getting updated with new AI tools and technologies. And we are teaching them. This is a constant process. 


Dr. Hasan Akram is a versatile visionary, with a remarkable portfolio that spans entrepreneurship, computer science, and leadership roles. As the CEO of Matrickz GmbH, a pioneering automotive software company specializing in safety solutions, he is at the forefront of revolutionizing automotive technology. Additionally, he is the brilliant mind behind Brainvincible GmbH, a trailblazing enterprise dedicated to the enhancement of cognitive performance through cutting-edge technology and innovative bio-hacking techniques.

At the core of Brainvincible’s mission lies the aspiration to empower individuals in educational, athletic, and professional domains to elevate their communication and creativity skills to unprecedented heights.

Dr. Akram’s journey commenced during his pursuit of a Ph.D. in computer science at Germany’s prestigious Darmstadt University of Technology. It was there he embarked on his entrepreneurial odyssey, securing his first client, a prominent German automotive company specializing in braking system calculation software. This initial foray into the automotive industry marked the genesis of his remarkable career.

Moreover, Dr. Akram is an accomplished author, with his latest, “The Million Dollar Monk: The Spiritual Path to Entrepreneurial Abundance,” serving as a testament to his wisdom and profound understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. His unique perspective, combining the spiritual and the pragmatic, offers readers a holistic approach to achieving entrepreneurial success.

Dave Gordon | Contributing Writer



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