Halloween Safety Tips During COVID-19

With restriction due to COVID, people everywhere have no choice but to get creative in finding ways to live their lives, while staying safe. That same innovation is no exception when it comes to the holidays, whether they be long or short. Thanksgiving has come and gone—and while cases have increased during this time, parents would like to try and salvage Halloween for their kids. When it comes to COVID-19, safety is a priority, but it’s also expected that families will still want to celebrate the holidays.

If you’re planning on going trick-or-treating, be prepared for a modified version of the sugar-induced night of terror. While government officials have suggested the best option is to stay home for non-essential travel, here are some Halloween COVID-19 safety tips to still enjoy the night.

Avoid Hot Spots

One of the best ways to stay out of harm’s way and to stay clear of any potential COVID-19 exposure, is to avoid any and all hot spots. Check reports for any new developments in your area, in order to stay up to date. Always look out for new outbreaks, before going anywhere that may be crowded, even if it’s considered an essential travel.

Have a Virtual Party

There has been no shortage of virtual gatherings since COVID-19 changed our lives, making apps like Zoom and House Party exceedingly popular during the height of the pandemic. If you want to stay home this Halloween but still want to enjoy the night, a gathering in a video chat is the best way to go. You can dress in full costume, all while being on a conference Halloween Zoom call, with all of your family and friends. It may not be quite like being together in person but at least you can still see each other from a safe environment.

Stay in Your Bubble

If the kids are giving you a hard time and harassing you endlessly on how important it is for them to trick-or-treat, then do so safely. Make sure everyone is wearing a mask (whether it goes with the costume or not) and don’t wear a medical mask, as they are hard to breathe in. Stay as distant from those outside your bubble and always remember to wash your hands before and after you eat your candy.

At Home Trick-or-Treating

If searching around the house for candy works at Easter, then there’s no reason why the same idea shouldn’t apply to a COVID-19 Halloween. This difficult time has been frustrating for everyone, but it’s also been a time for innovation, including on how to have fun in a safe way. Within your bubble, get the kids dressed up in their costumes, searching for candy around the home.

Halloween Drive-Thru

Another way to stay safe on the big night is to find your local Halloween drive-thru. This option is for any age and everyone can enjoy a scary movie and packaged snacks/candy from the safety of their own car. Getting dressed up is still encouraged and you have the bonus of not having to keep your mask on the whole time, since you will be in your bubble.

Dontei Wynter | Staff Writer



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