Cygne LaShae Swan: CEO of C Wright Aviation

Photo courtesy of Cygne LaShae Swan.

As a woman, what challenges did you have to overcome to become the president of an aviation firm?

The value women produce while serving in leadership roles is astronomical and has [an] economic impact. Women should be given the opportunity to contribute equally to large corporations and organizations. Women have the mental capacity to operate on multiple levels while wearing numerous hats. There is no doubt that women are and will remain to create impact for the mission of one generation to the next.

I had to overcome the feeling of negative comments, disrespect and ignoring the naysayers. You have to lead with a self-determined spirit, an assertive and relentless mindset, and positive authority. I have always and continue to embrace an appetite for hard work and self-improvement. Obedience allows you to serve within your purpose, and at this point, you will have shattered glass ceilings within your divine purpose. That purpose is merely to encourage individuals who take inspiration away from your journey. The ultimate joy is touching the lives that matter, providing hope to reach for those attainable goals and dreams beyond the stars.

What’s the greatest risk you have taken in your career that paid off in a big way?

The greatest risk I’ve taken is always just standing firm [in] my values and belief system without wavering. Often, people tend to conform to their environments for reward or advancement, and I’ve never done that. I’ve always been consistent with staying true to who I am. I’ve always been told that my message of love and peace wouldn’t hold up in the business world because having a high level of competitive aggression was necessary. I don’t handle business that way. I’m very personable with positive and healthy standards, and that is how I’ve led [in] business.

I’ve been able to gain a lot of mentorship throughout my life with the mastery of energy and gratitude and being strong in my faith. It’s unorthodox, but I have certain principles and values that I do not change for anyone. That’s why I am here, fostering [an] operational and innovative culture. I feel customer service and relationships with clients [are] everything. So, I say be kind, honest, truthful, transparent, and execute your skills with action.

How do you overcome obstacles in your career and life?

I pray and meditate, re-balance my energies. Manifest all positives into existence, and release the negatives from all thought, and speak only positive affirmations. A lot of times, individuals will continue to repeat words inwardly and outwardly into the universe or allow meaningless energy into their space and prevent productivity. Continue and keep fighting.

You have to be spiritually balanced, and this is a practice of discipline and self-control. Law of attraction and manifestation of all things will present itself so only manifest healthy abundance. Keep close with the higher power and continue to build on faith. That is the one thing that will lead you through all adversity.

Your dream is your thoughts, inspirations, experience, lessons, and adversity converted into goals, empowering your faith and love, and maintaining hope. Your passion, values, and beliefs will manifest in abundance, creating your dream as a reality. 

Brooke Parker | Contributing Writer



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