How to Determine Whether Your Business Needs an App – Three Questions to Ask

“There’s an app for that.” The slogan is catchy, but is it true? Nowadays, it seems everything is accessible at the tip of your fingers, so it may be time to start thinking about whether your business needs an app or not. With a plethora of services available on the internet, it only makes sense for your business to not only be available on the web, but to have a corresponding mobile app. Unfortunately, app development is expensive. These three questions will help you determine whether an app is the right step for your business.

What Does Your Business Offer?

Identify what type of business your company is. Does it sell products or offer a specific service? Usually, a manufacturing or service company will benefit with the development of their own app. Answering this question is crucial in order to further your business. An app should make your target audience’s life easier and allow your business to be more accessible to them. Think about it: why spend hours modifying your company website and checking your email and social media when you can have it ready for your customers and clients at their fingertips? If there needs to be constant communication between your business and its customers and clients, an app is right for you.

Do Your Competitors Have Apps?

Can’t decide whether your business needs an app or not? Research what your competition is up to. If you come across their apps on an app store, see how well they’re doing. Dig deep; look up statistics, and while you’re at it, download and play around with their app. The number of downloads and reviews of the app is a good indication of whether or not your app will fare well in the market. The best part of your research is that you’ll know what to improve from the start; this saves your business some of the trial-and-error process that can take place when you begin developing your own app.

Will This Improve Your Company’s Brand?

Marketing is arguably the most important part of starting a business. After all, you won’t have a business to run if nobody knows about it. Think about how your company’s marketing strategy will improve with the launch of your app. Will it improve your company’s image? Chances are, the more successful your app is, the more your target audience will remember it. It may also prove to be more cost effective. Push notifications can remind your target audience that the app exists and prompt them to use your service. Social media campaigns focused on a specific product or service can be put towards your app, which is selling your business as a whole. Sure, tweets and Instagram posts can be shared infinitely, but an app will be viewed on your customer’s phone screen daily.

What are you waiting for?

Tasnia Nasar | Contributing Writer



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