Top Side Hustles for Stay-At-Home Moms

The gig economy is booming and many regular 9-to-5 workers have side hustles that fulfill their other interests and help them make a few extra bucks. Of course, there’s no job with quite the same hours as that of a parent, but plenty of enterprising full-time moms have managed to start up entrepreneurial ventures while raising young ones. Three cheers to those working moms, especially as Mother’s Day approaches! For those looking to do something similar but aren’t sure where to begin, below are side hustle ideas perfectly suited to flexible schedules and stay-at-home lifestyles.

Social Media Manager

By going online a few hours a day, social media managers can help businesses maintain their brand presence in cyberspace. The role involves scheduling posts, interacting with customers, and building up an online following. Social media managers also have a finger on the pulse of Internet trends. This is a great role for someone who already spends a lot of time scrolling through newsfeeds every day.


Anyone with a smartphone camera can become a photographer and learning how to take beautiful photos is easy with all the free tutorials, tips, and tricks available on the Internet. Stock photo sites always need original, creative shots. Use your surroundings (or if the opportunity arises, exotic vacation spots) to create interesting stock photos. Photographers can also opt to hire themselves out for events.

Virtual Assistant

Those with strong organization and communication skills can help busy executives maintain their schedules remotely. Virtual assistants field emails and calls, book appointments and meetings, and generally keep things running smoothly for their clients. This role is one of the easiest and flexible jobs to pick up and requires practically zero upskilling.

Freelance Writing/Blogging

Passionate individuals and/or experts with knowledge to share can channel their interests through the written word. They can start their own influencer blogs, building a community for certain topics (popular ones are food, style, and pop culture) that they can eventually monetize with ads. Or they can find paid opportunities on pre-existing publishing platforms like (ahem) The Edge.

Etsy Maker/eBay Seller

Those with creative flare and enjoy working with their hands can open an online shop on Etsy to sell their handmade goods while joining a bustling community of makers and artisans. Keen shoppers and thrift hunters can use their skills to buy and sell limited edition items and unique vintage finds on eBay’s virtual marketplace. As both platforms are so well established, there is plenty of support of new sellers.

Web Designer

Although a little trickier to pick up right away, web designing is a vital skill that is in high demand as every company in the world is expected to have a website nowadays. Utilizing computer languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, designers craft beautiful and functional websites for many types of clients. Depending on the skills of the designer and the complexity of the website, a single project can net hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Specialty Baker/Personal Cook

There’s been a definite uptick in baking in the last little while (quarantine sourdough starters, anyone?) and many have discovered niche markets for their home-baked goods. Cookies with unusual flavours or ingredients are especially popular and easy to market online. Alternatively, those with a bit more meal planning acumen can help busier individuals or those with dietary restrictions, with cooking bulk meals.


Generally, managing finances is one of the more lucrative gigs. Plenty of small- and medium-sized companies look to hire a part-time bookkeeper. Those with some accounting expertise can help balance the books for one or multiple clients. Tax season is also a busy time as many individuals may need some professional help filling out forms and dealing with receipts, creating a high demand for accountants.

Rose Ho | Staff Writer



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