Top 10 Fastest Growing Corporate Apps

There’s no denying the prevalence of apps in our personal and professional lives. New ones come out each month, leading to a super-saturated marketplace. The ones worth downloading or investing in are sometimes hard to parse. Below is a list to help you find the ones that have risen to the top and become the fastest growing corporate apps according to Okta’s Dashboard. They run the gamut from performance management to workflow platforms and privacy services. You are sure to find something to increase productivity or provide a layer of extra security in your workplace.

Amazon Business

Companies big and small can purchase on Amazon using a business account. Stocking up on office, cleaning, or professional supplies is made easier with bulk purchase discounts, free shipping, and flexible payments. Another useful feature is account management— different users or teams can purchase under the company name with a spending limit and approvals process.


Amazon Business is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Collaborating is easy thanks to the creative canvas that Miro offers. With tons of widgets, templates, and other capabilities, teams can brainstorm and map out various projects through an interactive whiteboard. Miro is especially useful in remote workspaces. It can display multimedia—like video, messaging, and screen sharing—making it extra functional and dynamic. Miro also integrates with dozens of other apps, including Google Drive, GitHub, and Slack.


Miro is available on PCs and Macs, on Apple, Android, and Microsoft mobile devices, and on Surface Hub whiteboards.


Figma offers easy-to-use and collaborative design tools for web and mobile development. Create functional and beautiful mock-ups in the cloud and mirror tests on various mobile devices. Figma is also built for a complete and seamless workflow, from team brainstorming to refining code. High-profile customers include Dropbox, Zoom, and Uber.


Figma is available on PC and Mac desk and Figma Mirror is available on Apple and Android mobile devices.


Monday’s workflow platform allows for organized and effective scheduling and project management for individuals and teams. Onboarding is especially easy thanks to a clean presentation of data. Templates are customizable and Monday.com integrates with most of Microsoft’s and Google’s productivity apps.


Monday.com is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


As a cybersecurity solution provider, Fortinet offers powerful and complete security systems for enterprises as well as governments. Their initial product was FortiGate, a physical firewall, and they have since expanded their offerings to Security Fabric, which offers broader protection and self-healing networks powered by AI.


Fortinet is available to purchase directly from the website.


Lattice offers employee performance management through its comprehensive platform. Keep track of reviews, goals, feedback, praise, and updates for all employees and keep them engaged with transparency and full support. Lattice also has helpful analytics for HR leaders and managers to continually develop employee performance.


Lattice is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Offering cloud-based data solutions, Snowflake helps to engineer and manage data architecture for a variety of applications. Workflow can also be simplified with a single, secure data storage point. Snowflake allows for unlimited performance and scale and removes the need for maintenance. Pricing is based on the volume of data stored as well as computing time used.


Snowflake is available to purchase directly from the website.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

Acquired by VMware in 2019, Carbon Black Cloud is a software-as- a-service (SaaS) that provides antivirus protection, endpoint detection, threat hunting, and vulnerability management using a cloud platform. About one-third of the companies on Fortune 100 are customers. Their two main products are Cloud Native Endpoint Protection and Cloud Workload Protection.


Carbon Black is available to purchase directly from the website.


Sentry is an error monitoring software used by over one million programmers for diagnosing, fixing, and optimizing code. It finds and presents issues in dozens of languages, frameworks, and libraries, such as JavaScript, Python, and Cocoa. Sentry also integrates with GitHub, Slack, and Jira (among many others) and is used by companies like Microsoft, VMware, and Reddit.


Sentry is available to purchase directly from the website.


Beyond securely storing website passwords under the lock and key of a user’s master password, 1Password can also store other sensitive data like banking information, credit cards, and addresses. It also actively checks for privacy breaches in other companies and warns users if their information may be compromised. Users can rely on the convenient sharing function, allowing teams or even family members to have access to specific accounts.


1Password is available on desktop and mobile and as a browser extension on all major operating systems, devices, and browsers. 

Rose Ho | Staff Writer



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