The Little Things: Getting Marketing Right

When it comes to growing your business, targeting the right customers or clients is key. How to engage an audience, draw interest to your company (via your website and/or social media), and ultimately generate revenue can make or break you. These are essentially the deciding factors in whether any type of operation – big or small, for-profit or not-for-profit – succeeds. In other words: getting your marketing right. Here are some tips and tricks to help you figure that out.

Strategize Your Subject Matter

Focusing on the actual content you produce is, obviously, one of the most effective tools to market your business, by enticing people to read about you and engage your products or services. Lists that detail your services, tips that promote your products, and things like best-practice ideas are all helpful potential topics to discuss while you attempt to reach existing and prospective customers.

Save Money

Avoid spending too much – or anything, if possible – on social media and other internet marketing tools that may or may not produce the results you need. The term “organic reach” has become desirable for a reason. Instead, try some alternative tactics, such as instructional videos or infographics, to appeal to your target audience. You can also repurpose some of the same content that’s already brought you success. Try out other inexpensive tools as well, like a customer referral program and online contests with (if possible) a donated prize.

Repurpose Content

It may be your own material that you’ve used for past blog posts or new studies you’ve come across that align with your business, but you should get the most of your content wherever possible. Archived materials are rarely read after a certain timeframe by visitors to your company website, and content you find from another source can be used in a different way to reach your audience. As long as you cite information that wasn’t originally your own, this may be a good tool to turn out a fresh marketing piece.

Work Your Interpersonal Skills

Networking may sound like a tip you have heard numerous times, but this traditional, and original, marketing tactic is still recommended for a reason: it works. Striving to spread the word about your organization through word-of-mouth makes sense. The process is simple: create a light, social relationship with other professionals in person and connect on LinkedIn afterwards. Having multiple touchpoints will increase the chances they think of your company’s products or services in the future or want to develop a partnership.

Leave a Lasting Impression

After you charm your contacts, distributing some eye-catching and memorable business cards is both an inexpensive and simple way to ensure they remember you. It would be a waste to work on developing that rapport only for them to not follow up because your name slipped their mind, or they can’t easily find your contact information on Google. An occasional bulk purchase of sharp-looking business cards is a simple solution.

Market Your Business to Grow

No matter what type of organization you have, marketing is a significant factor in success. You may offer great products or services, but if no one knows about them, the quality doesn’t matter. Spreading the word and informing people, on the other hand, will grow your clientele and, in turn, boost revenue. While some natural methods, like word-of-mouth referrals, may happen on their own, taking the lead by ensuring you market your business makes all the difference.


Robyn Karmazyn | Contributing Writer



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