Six Habits of Highly Creative People

Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought. We all know a creative mind is a terrible thing to waste. This is never more true than in the business world.  Companies are always on the lookout for that next rising star in people who will help turn them from yesterday’s news into today’s front-page gossip. Researchers are currently studying creativity and have found that common stereotypes that people think of when imagining a creative person are just plain wrong. There are a myriad of ways to unlock the pathway to creative genius, but here are 6 essential habits that highly creative people share.

  • Stick to  Schedule

It is commonly thought that creative minds live life on the whim and loaf around, but the habits of highly successful creative minds say otherwise. Try sticking to a schedule so that you may be free to roam the confines of your mind every day. Sticking to a schedule will not only help you to feel more organized, but will allow you the time to fully understand your thoughts and come up with new and exciting ideas. This helps you replenish your creative stock.  It’s also good for your physical health, so you’ll be helping yourself in more ways than one.

  • Fortress of Solitude

A room of one’s own is a basic need for those with creative minds. Time spent alone in solitary reflection has the habit of feeding the creative mind. Our best ideas don’t tend to come to the forefront when we are in a conversation or otherwise engaged. This is because when our focus is directed outwards, our imaginative minds are sent in the rear-view mirror. It is essential that you make time for solitude to give yourself time to make new connections, reflect and find meaning from your experiences to include within your business.

  • Exercise the Mind and Body  

Creative minds tend to not only focus on mental workouts, but physical ones as well. There are a myriad of studies pointing to the benefits of exercise on creativity. Feeling good puts you in the right frame of mind to focus and be productive. Exercise also forces you into a down time with no connection to your social networks, which gives you time to focus on the task at hand. It should come as no surprise that many successful people were able to put a spot for exercise into their daily routines.

  • Say Yes/No to Everything

It should come as no surprise that highly creative people have a habit of saying yes to things. Saying yes to almost anything allows them to open themselves up to new experiences and allows them to explore their creativity. At the same time, highly creative people will more often say no to things, as they already have their plates full from saying yes earlier. These people are aware that spending time with other creatives and having new experiences are an essential aspect in boosting one’s creativity. By the same token, they are also able to see that they will have to sacrifice time with loved ones in order to see their vision come to life.

  • Any place, Anytime

Most people tend to work from one place. This actually decreases your creative potential. If you are able to, change environments as frequently as possible. If you have a creative idea, you should put it into place as quickly as possible. Documenting that creative idea may become the beginning of something special, and you may not know when it will come along. 

  • Carpe Diem

Highly creative people never let an idea pass by. They’ll decide later if it’s a good or a bad one, but they will always write down an idea as soon as they get it. So, if you want to be more creative, always keep a notepad with you, and write every idea that comes to your mind. 

There are many ways that highly creative people operate, but the above are just a few. Whether that’s living with a notebook or phone right beside your bed so you can jot down any idea, giving a confirming yes or no answer to everything that pops by you, or having your own set-up workout routine, these are all habits that highly creative people follow and live by. These are habits you should be on the lookout for, should you require a creative perspective in your business. A large part of the creative process is approaching things in a strategic way: Having a plan and being disciplined. You cannot hope to succeed if you have just an idea.

Joshua Cooper | Contributing Writer 



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