How to Deal with Stress Caused by COVID-19

Too much stress is never a good thing and can leave you overwhelmed and full of anxiety. Many are still adapting to life in a COVID-19 world and many are still struggling. With the new restrictions and lockdowns in place, the holiday season could be isolating, with the absence of family, friends, and routine. Here are options to help manage COVID-related stress you might be experiencing at this time or in the future.


Meditation is a great stress reliever. It allows one to try different breathing techniques, which can help calm your nerves and help you focus. It clears your mind and you are able to find new perspective or some inner peace and quiet.


There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help but unfortunately there are many that still worry about the stigma that comes with therapy. While some have found the pandemic to be a time of productivity, others have found it to dwell on things they hadn’t accomplished or felt isolated. Booking an appointment and seeing a therapist virtually is a great way to air out your issues and concerns healthily. It’s not the same as a face-to-face consultation but it is better than the alternative of living with your pain in silence. It’s also ok to switch therapists, if you feel you don’t have a rapport with the first one.


There are countless studies that show exercise and being active releases endorphins which helps you live longer, so naturally that would be a good way to fight COVID-related stress. Having a fitness or workout routine can help you stay focused and bring out both physical and psychological benefits. Not only will you find yourself more fit, but you’ll have a better outlook on yourself as well. Keep your routine simple, so you actually stick to it daily and make sure all the tools you need are readily accessible. With gyms closed, try going to parks, running, or walking during the day, which can also help you get some sunlight for mood elevation. Anything from weights to a Peloton bike is a great step to staying healthy.


The rules around COVID-19 have been confusing to many and can seem like they’re changing all the time. When people say social distancing, what they really mean is to cut back on traditional socializing and to not be physically near each other, outside your bubble. Cutting yourself off from any kind of emotional connection is dangerous on many levels and can hurt your mental health. Bonding with family and friends (even neighbours) is an important and healthy part of life. Having close bonds are a necessity but in times like these, taking into consideration precautionary measures. Try opting for virtual apps like Zoom, House Party, or Google Meet. If you live alone and really need to reach out, then remember to maintain physical distance and wear a mask when possible.


Believe it or not, cleaning and sanitizing can be therapeutic and a good way to distract you from the outside world—especially if you have a great playlist. Many found themselves hoarding toiletries as a way of gaining control during the early pandemic days but that’s both selfish and unnecessary. Being diligent about cleaning commonly touched items can be a mental relief and sense of accomplishment. One company in particular is Liquid Green Products, which specializes in organic cleaning products. Their eco-friendly cleaning products are safe to use on people, pets, plants, and more. They can be used to clean a variety of surfaces and can even be taken orally, without harming yourself or your family! It can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables, giving you that extra layer of peace and protection. 

Dontei Wynter | Staff Writer



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