5 Ways to Instill Company Culture When Your Workforce is Remote

Company culture means more than free snacks, good vacation days, and Christmas parties. It is all about how you interact with your employees and how they feel about you. Creating an environment conducive to productivity involves much more than being a good communicator; it empowers your team to do their best.

Granted, when your company is fully remote, it can be challenging to enhance your company culture. After all, your employees are interacting virtually, and in-person interactions aren’t always a regular feature. So, how can you let your employees know that you appreciate them without encroaching on their personal space? 

Here are a few tangible ways to create winning remote teams and a good company culture where everyone feels valued and excited to report to work.

Consider your Employees Personalities

Any work environment has employees with different personalities. Like a mixed box of candies, a manager never knows what they will get next. You will likely have people who are introverts and others who are more open. Some of your employees might feel more relaxed communicating in person, while others might feel uncomfortable communicating virtually in a group setting. 

Whatever the case, your goal is to foster inclusion, so no one feels left out. One of the key ways to do this is by getting to know your team better. When you know them well, you can break the ice and introduce them to other members virtually. Initially, it is advisable to cater to their preferred method of communication. For example, if a team member likes to communicate with a chat tool, give them the liberty to do so initially. Once they feel more comfortable, you can introduce them virtually to other members of the company. 

Honour Your Talent

Working remotely has its hurdles and liberties. One must remember that most employees are doing their jobs from a location other than a central office. These locations could be an employee’s home, a shared workspace, a private office, or a café. If your team is creative, consider that a unique aspect of their working style.

For example, if one of your designers prefers to work late into the evening and start late at noon, give them the liberty to do so if it aligns with your code of conduct and rules. As long as your team members remember to keep their deadlines and show up for scheduled meetings, give them leeway with the work hours they keep. 

Make Meetings Fun

If your team meets virtually daily or monthly, make these meetings fun. Once you have discussed the important issues, you can create an environment where everyone gets to know one another better. For example, you could ask about their plans for the weekend, any favourite places they visited, and so on. Remember, some of your employees might be living alone, and the only chance to interact with people throughout the day is with you. Although some are fine with going days without direct communication, others would be happy to interact. 

When the holiday season arrives, you can take things a step further and create fun virtual activities and quizzes to get to know everyone better. Checking in with your employees is imperative. After all, you can’t determine how well they can contribute without knowing their needs.

Encourage Play

Team bonding can be challenging, especially when everyone is communicating through a screen. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be in the same office to socialize. With the advent of communication tools like Zoom and Teams, you can regularly host video chats and calls without physically being there. When the holidays arrive, you can schedule team gatherings or holiday-themed games and experiences with other colleagues. 

For example, you can create a virtual recognition wall to showcase your team or colleagues’ amazing work. As a start, you can post messages, photos, videos, GIFs, memes, and other fun ways to recognize your teammates. Apps like confetti, for example, provide you with everything you need to plan memorable virtual activities and events in just a few clicks. 

Reinforce your Mission

Focusing on your goal and mission is much more challenging when working remotely. Regularly reinforcing your company’s mission is imperative. You can start sharing photos, videos, and other marketing materials through the company’s internal communication networks. 

Tools like BrosixSlackBasecamp, and others can help you arrange projects, communicate and delegate effectively. Customer testimonials are another powerful way to reinforce your mission. You can readily share these with the rest of the team in virtual meetings or emails. 

With the right approach and mindset, managers can build robust remote teams and have a strong sense of community. The strategies above are a few among many. Always remember to establish a human connection with your team, regardless of where they are, they can contribute to the success of your team!

David Messiha | Staff Writer 



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