Business Ethics During the Coronavirus Scare

Business Ethics During the Coronavirus Scare

In business, and in life, you have to prepare for the unthinkable as best you can. But there are some things that you just can’t anticipate, or their impact on the economy. The newest uncertainty, COVID-19 (aka coronavirus), has spread rapidly and been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. It has left countries closing their borders, implementing states of emergencies, and strategies like social distancing. While many have already adopted the temporary measure of working remotely (if possible) many are wondering how they can navigate their business dealings during this latest health scare. But what are the best ways to keep safe and still be able to run your business effectively? Here are the tips you need to know on how to navigate your professional life, during the coronavirus scare.

Business Meetings

Depending on your business, your boss has probably already allowed you to work from home, depending on the nature of your job. Most places have already closed down or reduced hours at least, with the exception of banks, hospitals, and grocery stores. Public transit is still operating but schools, bars, public venues, and restaurants are now closed or on “take out” status. Since most gatherings near 50 people have been advised against, in order to reduce the virus’ spread, many are conducting meetings from home using a number of options. Video conferencing, email, and phones are all at your disposal, if you need to stay updated with coworkers.

Hosting Events

As of late, all unnecessary travel or gatherings have been postponed or cancelled. Many have self-isolated in order to help stop the spread until it’s been declared that public gatherings are allowed again. While no one is saying you can’t have a large group outing, the government has strongly advised that any major events be postponed until further notice. Hosting a business luncheon or even shaking hands or hugging may not be a good idea at this time.


At this time, the Canadian government (and other governments) is working on possible options to help ease the financial burden on residents who can’t afford to pay their bills, due to the current health crisis caused by the coronavirus. Many are not being paid by their companies for sick days and have resorted to using their vacation days, if they have any left. The Ford government is also working on a bill that would remove the need for workers to provide a doctor’s note during the pandemic. Others have looked into applying for Employment Insurance (EI) in order to help with the financial strain. Most major phone companies are waiving the cap on cell phone data for their customers and rent or mortgage payments are being reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

In business and in life, it’s important not to panic and to remember to wash your hands properly. Avoiding large crowds at this time is strongly advised, until the outbreak has decreased. While it’s important to try and stay as close to your routine as possible and sustain a sense of normalcy, it’s also vital that you do your part, both for your business and your employees.

Dontei Wynter | Staff Writer



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