‘We made history’: Alberta premier-designate addresses UCP caucus

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‘We made history’: Alberta premier-designate addresses UCP caucus

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Alberta’s premier-designate congratulated his party Friday in his first official address to caucus since winning the election.

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney took a moment to gloat during the Friday morning address from the Edmonton Federal Building.

He credited a united right for his party’s decisive win on election night. 

“We proved the skeptics and the cynics wrong. I think maybe we should dredge up some of the columns, some of the expert opinions that said unity would never work,” Kenney said, alluding to the 2017 merger of the Wildrose and Progressive Conservative parties, which led to the party’s creation.

Campaigning on pipelines, the economy and a promise to kill the carbon tax, Kenney led the UCP to a majority over the province’s first NDP government on April 16, winning 63 seats in the election. The NDP, led by Rachel Notley, will serve as Alberta’s Official Opposition after securing 24 seats. 

The Alberta Party and the Alberta Liberals were both shut out, with none of their candidates elected.

The UCP won a majority with more votes than any other party in electoral history and the highest electoral turnout since 1935, Kenney said.

“I’m so excited to be with you as we begin the important work that has been entrusted to us in Alberta,” Kenney said.

“We made history together.”

Kenney also alluded to the lack of the UCP representation in Edmonton and urged his caucus to make inroads. Edmonton bucked the province’s tilt to the right on election night and remains an NDP stronghold with only one UCP MLA election in the capital region.

“While we received a mandate from 55 per cent of the electorate and we deliver on that mandate. We must be a government for all Albertans,” Kenney said. 

“We must be seen to act in good faith, and with integrity, we must be willing to listen to the voices of others and when we must be willing, when we make mistakes in the future, to acknowledge and correct course.”

Full unofficial results are available on the Elections Alberta website, with the results to become official as of today, April 26.

This was the first year Albertans were able to “vote anywhere” at polling stations across the province during the advance vote, which ran April 9-13.

There were some 223,000 out-of-electoral-district votes to be processed in order to determine results in some of the tight races. The count started the day after the election, with unofficial results released April 19.

Unofficial voter turnout was 71.1 per cent based on 1,880,508 votes cast and 2,643,453 registered electors, Elections Alberta said.

Kenney and his cabinet will be sworn in on April 30.

This story originally appeared on CBC