The Government of Canada is hiring wizards — sort of

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The Government of Canada is hiring wizards — sort of

by - 2 min read


A Government of Canada job posting went viral Thursday for seeking individuals for “various administrative wizardry positions.”

Who doesn’t want a job as a wizard?

The application is actually to be included in a pool of candidates for the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS), including permanent, acting and temporary positions.

So it’s not technically for a wand-wielding wizard.

The posting says that the Treasury Board is looking for strong and motivated candidates that are interested in making an impact on Canadian citizens.

And it uses terminology from J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter book and movie series.

‘We would love to use our sorting hat to place you,” the posting says. “Are you a Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw, a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin?”

In an email, the TBS said the public service is working to create a culture where “innovation is supported and valued.”

The Treasury Board job posting makes reference to the Hogwarts houses in the Harry Potter series to appeal to applicants. (Government of Canada Jobs)

“This type of advertisement is an effort to stand out and promote the many employment opportunities in the public service,” said TBS. 

“The Treasury Board Secretariat strives to attract versatile, creative and talented candidates. That is why we use innovative strategies in our selection processes, including the preparation of posters.”

The TBS provides advice and recommendations to the Treasury Board on how the government spends money on programs and services.

The posting includes little on what might be expected from the “wizard” job, but the TBS said it will serve to create a pool for multiple employers within the public sector. 

The application site calls TBS the “Hogwarts” of the public service, and assures those interested in the jobs that their application goes directly to “Dumbledore’s Army.”

This story originally appeared on CBC