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Who thought that having too many job options could be a bad thing? While it may be a win for highly qualified job seekers, it can make a recruiter’s job even more difficult when looking to hire top talent.

Mobile apps provided by companies such as LinkedIn and Indeed are now putting the job search quite literally in the palms of candidates’ hands. In fact, a recent survey by Pew Research Center found that 54% of Americans have taken their job search online, while 45% have applied for a job online.

Employers must now entice potential candidates with more than just the promise of a hefty salary, and below are some examples of how to go above and beyond to attract that top-level talent:

Professional Development and Growth

A recent study by recruiting firm The Execu|Search Group found that opportunity for professional development is the number one factor that influences a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer. Besides, the more satisfied your employees are with the opportunities for growth that you provide, the less likely they are to want to leave you for a competitor.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance comes in a close second in terms of job desirability. Providing flexibility when it comes to your employees’ work schedules is critical. More and more companies today are allowing employees to work flex-time or remotely from home. Take a cue from Amazon, which recently announced plans to hire 5,000 part-time customer service reps to work from home.

Team Work

They say there’s no “I” in “team”, so it’s no surprise that studies have found that communication is improved and morale goes up during team-building activities. Some simple examples include weekly team meetings, open seating arrangements or the hiring of a corporate team-building firm or consultant.


Team talk aside, the luxury of hiring top-tier candidates is that you can trust them to work independently. According to findings in The Journal of Occupational Health and Psychology, employees are more likely to succeed if they are self-motivated.  Employees perform better, engage more, and are more invested in the company’s overall success as a result.

Corporate Culture

According to Psychology Today, over a lifetime we will spend an average of 90,000 hours at work. With that in mind, it is no wonder that corporate culture is critical to our happiness. A company and co-workers who share you’re an employee’s values and are committed to that person’s happiness, in turn, makes that employee happy, which improves job performance.

Creative Thinking

Creative thinking shouldn’t just be left to “creative types”. When all employees are creative is when they are at their most engaged, and are therefore enjoying what they do the most. A new Gallup study found that a whopping 70% of employees are not engaged at work.  Just another reason to amp up creative opportunities for your staff.

Critical Thinking

Creativity and problem-solving go hand in hand and produce similar positive results in terms of job satisfaction. When there’s opportunity for employees to be challenged and think critically, it makes them more connected, and also encourages collaboration between fellow team members.

Greater Purpose

With more millennials seeking jobs, purpose has become far more of a priority, by as much as 50%. Job-seekers are now looking to work for a company that will allow them to have an impact on causes and issues that are important to them. Giving employees a sense of purpose makes them more loyal to you and your company.


While rewards and perks may not rank as high in importance to employees these days, they’re still up there. While not all companies can provide three catered meals a day like Twitter does, little things count too. The occasional paid-for staff lunch, half-day Fridays and performance incentives are a few ideas to keep employees at peak performance.

Health Benefits

Glassdoor’s most recent survey found that 57% of people consider benefits before accepting a job. Investing in things like health benefits for your employees ensures that they are healthy and therefore happy and more productive. Plus, it shows your employees that you care.

Everyone deserves to feel valued and to work for a company that puts their employees’ happiness and success first. Remember, if you want to attract top talent, your company has to be on top of its game.


Sources: businessnewsdaily / Forbes



Laura D’Angelo | The Edge Blog


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