Storytelling Marketing: Creating a Story for Your Brand

Storytelling Marketing: The Importance of Creating a Story for Your Brand


Storytelling isn’t a new marketing tactic, but it’s one that is often overlooked by marketers as a powerful selling feature. Not only do stories bring your brand to life, they also create a connection with consumers that’s vital to increasing revenue and customer retention. Here are four ways to implement storytelling marketing in your next campaign.

Convey Your Brand’s Personality

User-generated stories, along with your company’s own curated content, have the power to give your brand a new aura and a unique personality. Regardless of your industry, don’t let your products and services speak for themselves. Put passion behind your marketing to convey the traits that set you apart from your competition.

Focus on Words, Not Numbers

In marketing, statistics are a useful tool for highlighting unique facts about your products and services. But too many numbers can bog down your campaign and divert buyers’ attention. Be creative in your storytelling; don’t bore your customers with numbers. Intertwine facts and statistics as part of your stories so that they come across naturally instead of resembling an encyclopedia.

Appeal to Customers’ Emotions

Buyers love a story they can resonate with; it’s key in pulling at their heart strings. In your marketing, use customer testimonials and stories that showcase how your brand solves customers’ problems or fulfils their needs. By appealing to people with those same issues, you’ll be able to draw in more buyers as they resonate with your stories.

In your storytelling, always remember honesty and integrity. Customers will be able to see through a story that sounds too good to be true. Being genuine goes a long way towards portraying an honest brand that sincerely connects with consumers.

Encourage Clients to Come Back

Storytelling is progressive; it begins when customers first hear about your brand and the stories you tell. It then follows them through the buying journey and influences whether they purchase your products and services. If you’re able to create a connection with clients, you can heighten customer retention. Better yet, you can entice them to come back for more and continue to experience the positive emotions that your brand evokes.

As you embrace storytelling marketing, be sure to listen to your audiences. Understand their needs, wants, and desires, and recognize the stories that resonate with them, and those that don’t. Ongoing assessment and listening tools must be put in place for an effective storytelling campaign to take flight.

As a marketer, the stories you want to share might not be the ones your customers want to hear. Put yourself in their shoes, or better yet, ask them for input. No one knows your brand better than you do, but no one knows buying better than your customers. Listen, inspire, and continue to analyze your efforts by using customer feedback to drive your next storytelling campaign.


Michelle Novielli | Contributing Writer


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