What a Smartwatch Can Do for Your Business

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The smartwatch is hardly a new concept. The Apple Watch was first released in April 2015. Google, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and Acer already have their smartwatch products on the market.

Cellphones have now become an indispensable tool for business owners, and the same can be said for smartwatches.

Here are a few ways a Smartwatch can help your business:

Never miss an important meeting

Juggling a busy schedule can be difficult for business owners. A smartwatch can send you a friendly reminder of your upcoming appointments that day. Schedule alerts for all your appointments to be forwarded to your smartwatch, and you will be right on time for your next big meeting.

Make traveling a breeze

Take the stress out of traveling or commuting to work with the help of your smartwatch. If you are stuck in the middle of traffic or on the way to the airport, smartwatches can provide live traffic information, public transport schedules, and even flight schedules. GPS navigation and maps can assist you if you are arriving at an unfamiliar location. You can also walk with Google Maps on your smartwatch which keeps you on track to your destination with directions provided on-screen and vibration alerts when you should change streets.

Retrieve important documents

You might be in the middle of an important call when you suddenly need to review data from your latest report. A smartwatch can help you retrieve that information in no time. You can pull up recent notes or documents, and make new notes with the Evernote app.

Stay organized

With the help of free apps like Trello, you can create several to-do lists and track your progress, prioritize the most urgent tasks and mark what has been completed. You can also create boards and work on group projects if necessary. These apps are available to use across multiple platforms including Android and iOS.

Use as multimedia device  

There’s nothing more impressive than playing a video from your smartwatch at your next meeting. Using a Bluetooth headset, you can even watch webinars (internet seminars), tutorials and in-house meetings from the comfort of your own home. This eliminates the hassle of carrying around a heavy laptop or tablet in order to stay informed.



Aileen Ormoc | The Edge Blog


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