Shapr: The Latest App That’s Changing How You Network



Is there a worse feeling than meeting someone at a networking event and, after 10 minutes of talking, realizing that you share nothing in common? Think about that awkward way you try to squirm out of a conversation so you can find someone else who can help advance your career. Networking events can be stress-inducing for many people.

LinkedIn first revolutionized the workplace world by being Facebook for job hunters and employee seekers. Now, there’s another ground-breaking company seems poised to further revolutionize the business world. Shapr is a networking app that connects users to fellow entrepreneurs. Think of it as Tinder for the business-minded. Users can swipe left or right (left for no, right for yes) if they’d like to connect with the individual based on their profile. If both users swipe right for each other, only then are they able to message one another and connect. Although it’s a non-traditional method of professional networking, it relieves much of the pressure and places the power in the palm of your hand.

The app was initially a LinkedIn-lite, not exactly hitting the mark due to being unoriginal. Shapr CEO and co-founder, Ludovic Huraux, may have been the one to help turn things around. In 2006, Huraux co-founded Attractive World, a dating site for demanding singles in France. By integrating a dating site-model, Shapr avoids the randomness of networking that sites like LinkedIn suffer from.

Shapr allows you to create your own network and dig through people within the inner circle of your own contacts. You begin by creating a profile with all pertinent information and a profile picture. Shapr then provides up to 15 potential contacts with similar interests that you can choose whether or not you would like to connect with (they would also have to decide the same based on your profile). Once matched, you’re limited to five introductions per day. But in the business world, it would help to think and consider what to say with a five-person restriction.

Additionally, the inner circle is also limited to fifty people. It just means this isn’t Facebook; relationships have meaning. Users must think and decide on who to include in their inner circle, and how it could benefit them professionally. So, no “1 Like = 1 Prayer” or cat videos or game invites. It’s strictly professional posts on job opportunities and the like. It’s also an ideal way to meet new business contacts when you’re in a new city.

Despite appearing game-like, Shapr cuts through the nonsense and gets down to business. No need to worry about making a horrible first impression. Physical appearance and charisma no longer matter. Instead, the focus is to find a meaningful contact.

Barely even two years old, Shapr taps into this generation’s desire to have things delivered to the palm of their hands. Kind of like Pokémon Go, with less walking, and a chance to actually make money.



Alex Correa | The Edge Blog


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