Scheer promises to unveil climate plan before the summer

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Scheer promises to unveil climate plan before the summer

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Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has vowed to release his climate plan before the House of Commons rises for the summer. 

Scheer told supporters in Quebec on Saturday that he would return to the province to make his announcement. The Commons’ last scheduled sitting day is June 21.

“It will be a real plan” to tackle the environmental challenges of the 21st century, he promised. In the Paris accord, Canada committed to reduce emissions to at least 30 per cent less than they were in 2005 by 2030.

He criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Environment Minister Catherine McKenna for the newly implemented carbon tax, saying the Liberals had no climate plan — just a tax plan.

Scheer didn’t expand on specifics of his proposal.

The Liberals have been criticizing the Tory leader for waiting so long to unveil an environmental plank for the party’s platform. 

Scheer has long maintained that the party would make the announcement with enough time for Canadians to study it before casting their votes.

The Conservatives have ramped up their anti-carbon tax messaging since its implementation on April 1, but have been tight-lipped on their own plans, besides the commitment to repeal the tax.

Fighting for Quebec

Planning to release the policy in Quebec is also a calculated move. The province is expected to be a battleground in October’s election, as a weakening NDP leaves the door open for the Conservatives and Liberals to pick up seats in the region. 

The Conservatives scored a win in a Quebec byelection last summer, handing the Liberals their first byelection loss since 2013.

Polls put the Conservatives ahead of the Liberals nationally by about three points, while Quebec polls have the Liberals leading by about 23 points.

There are 78 seats in Quebec. The Conservatives currently hold 11.

This story originally appeared on CBC

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