Networking within a network: Making money through video networks

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PewDiePie is the most subscribed to YouTube personality. With over 50 million followers, he now earns millions of dollars by publishing videos of himself playing video games. His real name is Felix Avrid Ulf Kjellberg, and his net worth is $15 million. He comes from Sweden.

YouTube and other similar view on demand video networks are slowly taking the space that belonged to traditional television. No longer do people have to commit to a certain time to be able to watch their favourite programming. No longer does good quality programming have to cost tens of thousands of dollars in production costs.

The “Gen Z” population as many YouTubers choose to identify themselves as, has carved niche and pocketed millions by doing what they love, filming it and sharing it with the rest of the world. Most use the try, test and improve method with YouTube to kickstart their online career. But Multi-Channel Network’s (MCN’s) could help you avoid make that long and arduous journey.

PewDiePie started his career with a personal channel. But with the help of a multi-channel network (MCN), Marker Studio, he became the most subscribed user on YouTube. They helped him promote and monetize his videos in exchange for ad revenue.

However, Marker Studio is not the only MCN available for you to start your YouTube career.

Here is a list of the video networks that will set you on your way.


Vevo is the MCN that Justin Bieber, Nikki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and One Direction use. Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertain, and, recently Warner Brothers Group, made this MCN possible.  Their goal is simple: they wanted to stream music videos to attract high-end advertisers, explaining why most of the popular musicians use this network.  Most of their videos are available in most countries. They are currently working on launching networks in multiple countries across the world.


In 2005, Shahrzad Rafati founded this Canadian network. It is very versatile. You can sign up and not be limited to just music videos. You can talk NBA sports, have thoughts on technology, or have a journalist perspective.

Jukin Media

This is one of the few networks that could pay you for your videos. Founded in 2009 by Jonathan Skogmo, Jukin Media supports users to create as many videos as they possibly can. They will immediate provide your video with advertisements and will send your video to popular websites. They also have a TV show, and if your video gets played on that show, you get paid!

Defy Media

This network has over 700 million monthly views and over 70 million subscribers. It owns the rights to Smosh YouTube channel, which came out with a movie on August 18, 2015. You can buy now on DVD. Defy’s targeted audience is millennials and Generation Z.

Machinima, Inc.

This network was created in 2016 and is currently owned by Warner Bothers. Their primary focus with this network is gaming. Their most popular channel is Inside Gaming. This provides audiences with gaming news, previews of new releases, or reviews of games. So, if you want to create a channel that relates to video games, this network is the best for you!



Michael Policicchio | The Edge Blog


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