N.B. water levels to remain above flood stage for several days

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N.B. water levels to remain above flood stage for several days

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Water levels are expected to start dropping over the next few days along the St. John River in New Brunswick, but it still could be days before they fall below flood stage.

According to the most recent five-day forecast from River Watch, Fredericton is expected to be the only community in the lower St. John River basin to drop below flood stage by Thursday.

The current river level in the capital city is 7.2 metres. Flood stage in Fredericton is 6.5 metres.

In Maugerville, Oak Point and Saint John, water levels are expected to return to flood stage by Thursday. In Jemseg, Grand Lake and Sheffield, the forecast shows the river will still be well above flood stage on Thursday.

Residents in the Grand Lake area had to contend with heavy winds and waves Saturday, which caused further damage to many homes in the area.

Homeowners have said the water isn’t as high as 2018, but this year’s flood has brought more wind and ice.

Residents in Grand Lake say heavy winds are creating more powerful waves than during the 2018 flood. (Ed Hunter/CBC)

Greg MacCallum, the provincial Emergency Measures Organization director, said on Saturday that officials are monitoring ice movement on Grand Lake.

“We’re watching that very closely,” MacCallum said, because moving ice “may in fact run up on shore and cause infrastructure damage or additional problems with roads.”

What the 2019 New Brunswick flood looked like on Friday:

This is how the 2019 New Brunswick flood looks on Friday in Grand Lake and along the St. John and Kennebecaisis Rivers. 1:01

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