Making The Most Of Your Online Persona

online persona

Even if there is nothing explicitly wrong with your digital image, you can become more personable and improve your online persona with tweaks and changes. The following steps will help you develop a professional identity in the virtual world and become a better asset to your company.


Google Yourself

You may need to do a bit of clean up, depending on what you find after a Google search of your name and city of origin. Any unwanted search results may need pruning. On the flip side, the results that make you look better may need a visibility boost.


The Twitter account of a business professional should give the impression that he or she is busy working on matters regarding their profession rather than being absorbed in “Twitter beefs.” The lesson here is to trim the fat from your social media posts. Do not post anything inflammatory or antagonistic. Eliminate anything that doesn’t directly serve your professional goals.

Associate with the Best

Industry professionals from every city in the world can be found online through social media. The internet is your free networking tool. These connections can pay off with potential collaborations or getting more eyes on you as a result of the association.

Keep Private Accounts Private

Your family and friends may not share your mindset in your professional endeavors and could inadvertently sabotage you. Or perhaps you do not want to associate your professional and personal social media accounts for private reasons. You’ll have to learn to separate the public you from the private you. The perfect solution is to open a second personal account and have it set to private. Use it to bask in your hobbies, friendly interactions, and any other interests not linked to your professional goals.


Update frequently and drive the narrative. Like the writer of a story, you have to be hard at work leading the narrative, with page after page of exposition. Let your social media posts be the gateway to your professional story. The items you like, share, and tweet will become a reflection of yourself and be forever ingrained with your digital identity.


To capture the attention of potential collaborators or just increase your online popularity, you will need to deliver periodic content. The best type of content is something that people will look forward to seeing or reading on a regular basis. It could segue into guest blogs for other companies or online book reviews. In any case, more eyes will be on you.



Alex Correa | The Edge Blog


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