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Your professional and personal online social media presence will always be seen by a variety of audiences. With each post, you need to be mindful of exactly who will be able to see it. It could be difficult to balance out the content that will be seen by friends, family members, potential clients, employers and coworkers. Luckily, there are pointers you can follow to ensure that you keep your professional brand as professional as possible, while including an appropriate degree of personality.

Create Personal and Professional Accounts

By creating separate personal and professional accounts, you’ll be able to more clearly distinguish the types of posts you’ll share. With your professional account, you can share more brand-oriented posts, and on your personal account, you can share more pictures and speak on behalf of the brand. You should also create a bio for both accounts that indicates the type of content you intend to share. This gives the audience an idea of what you do with each account and increases engagement. (Tip: Use SEO oriented keywords in your bio to attract contacts and grow your professional network).

Add Some Personality

Sharing a little personal information about yourself is great for engaging with your followers on social media. Ensure that this information positively contributes to how others view you. Not only does this add some personality to your profile, but it also differentiates you from your competition. According to content strategist, Jay Baer, “When tweeting or blogging or status updating about your personal life, it should be something that actually reveals a dimension of your life, or character, or belief system.”

Take Advantage of Privacy Settings

The aim here is to still have the freedom to also share your personal life towards a specific audience. Use your privacy settings to filter who and who doesn’t see particular stories or photos. This is one option for those who would rather not separate a professional and personal account. Facebook, being the most flexible when it comes to privacy, gives you the option to share content with close friends/family or you can prevent particular contacts from seeing specific posts.

Be Audience Aware

Differentiating your professional and personal social media brand is just as important as knowing your audience. On personal social media accounts that you only share with close friends, you may be able to include posts on more sensitive topics such as politics or criticism. This is not the case for public profiles as they are easily viewable by professional contacts.

Social media is a platform that enables you to share your take on topics. But in order to keep and maintain a professional brand, you need to keep your opinions to a minimum and focus on topics targeted towards your professional audience. Being aware of the right topics to share on particular social networks is a step towards building your career and business.



?K. Nwankwo | The Edge Blog


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