Llewellyn Henry: Centered on Lifting You Up

Llewellyn Henry launched his business, Credit Boost, after his own harrowing experience with identity theft. The quest to resolve the situation and restore his credit score led to the discovery that many Canadians desire to safeguard their identities, take control of and raise their credit scores, and maintain or improve their scores to above 825. Since the birth of Credit Boost, Henry has gone on to help many individuals restore their credit. 

How does the Credit Boost service work?

Print a copy of your credit file, and Credit Boost will analyze your file looking for various things that are holding you back from being able to be boosted. We make an action plan for how we will move forward, and the cost associated with those actions. We point out to the client where the problems are with their file and educate them about why we are implementing these actions.

Why did you decide to create a business that helps people repair their credit?

I was a victim of identity theft three times and know the difficulty of what you go through trying to get back your identity and rebuild your credit. I also went through a bankruptcy in 1998, so I understand that process and the challenges of building your credit back to a 700-plus score.

I also experienced the pain of being separated from society and treated as if I did something wrong. I felt not worthy, all alone, and less of a person, going through these unfortunate circumstances.

How did you develop the Credit Boost system?

The development of Credit Boost was born out of necessity and anger when dealing with banks, the school system, and life itself. I was frustrated and angry.

The school system gives young students credit cards and student loans. They end up in debt, some go bankrupt, and even commit suicide. Their career choices manipulated or non-existent because of early mistakes influenced by organizations of authority. The banks play both sides because they make money from you being in debt, and they make money from opening accounts and then upgrading you to their various bank products and monthly fees.

We have to be more educated about Credit and Finance, starting with the lowest hanging fruit, “Your Credit.” Having Good, Great, or Excellent Credit, opens up many doors in life, such as leveraging your buying power in order to get the lowest interest rate. This is a great educational processing tool to pass on to your children and generations to come.

Celebrating milestones is something you emphasize. Why is that important for your customers?

Celebrating milestones when dealing with credit or anything else in life is very important because you want to feel a certain level of accomplishment and be recognized for the effort. In school, a diploma is highlighted and recognized; in the workforce, a promotion is highlighted and recognized; so why not credit? Your credit is one of your biggest assets in life.

Credit is obviously incredibly important, yet a lot of people don’t fully understand how it works or they struggle with it. What is some advice you can give to people about how to maintain good credit?

Many big businesses use sleight of hand, where they show you one thing, and present another. When you are pursuing Good, Great, or Excellent Credit, you have to be vigilant, do your research, be disciplined, and very persistent in asking difficult questions when dealing with your financial matters. To learn more about Boosting your Credit, Finances, Leveraging your Credit, “The Real Asset,” Learning about Principal over Interest, contact Credit Boost Management Services.

For more information on Credit Boost and what it can do for you, visit www.creditboost777.com.



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