Innovative Twists on Modern Gift Items

With the holiday season drawing near, there’s no better time to buy gifts for those closest to you. But since those people mean so much to you, wouldn’t you rather present them with something unique? Your father has enough ties in his closet: consider another flashy accessory – and we don’t mean a bolo or bow tie. Instead, we examine the ever-changing tech landscape and present to you updated versions of popular items to consider, rather than the bland old gifts of Christmas past.

Weighted Blankets

When it comes to blankets, the first instinct anyone would have is to pick the lightest and fluffiest ones. Today you’ll learn that this isn’t the best method, and that the heavier the blanket you use to cover yourself, the better. Weighted blankets are the latest in sleep technology, which may sound strange if you’ve never considered that sleeping needed technology. With blankets weighing from 10 to 30 pounds (depending on the size of the sleeper), the science behind the blanket is to apply soft pressure evenly distributed across your body. According to studies, “[this] soothing pressure reduces cortisol, the human body’s main stress hormone, and encourages production of serotonin, a hormone associated with feelings of happiness and well-being.”

Weighted blankets can also help with insomnia, chronic pain conditions, restless leg syndrome, and other issues. Get the gift choice that takes relaxation and comfort to a whole other level.

CBD Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a bath bomb? You lie down in your tub full of warm water and drop in a fizzy ball filled with your favourite scent or essential oil. A CBD bath bomb follows the same idea, but with the unique addition of cannabidiol oil. CBD oil is found in cannabis and marijuana plants and offers pain relief and reduces anxiety and depression, without any psychoactive or mind-altering effects. CBD bath bombs offer a relaxation experience that you never even knew existed outside of a spa.

Carbon Fiber Wallet

Receiving a wallet for Christmas can be an underwhelming experience. Usually when you shop for a one, you know the style and brand that you like, and it’s fitted for your comfort and ease. Rather than gifting an unwelcome replacement, offer something completely new – a different way of storing cards and money.

The minimalist presentation alone tells the gift receiver that this is not a traditional wallet. Made out of carbon fiber, a durable material that’s safe from tearing, these wallets are thinner and offer a sleek style adapted to modern needs. The RFID blocking function prevents card theft.


Giving the gift of a great night’s sleep will earn you eternal gratitude – and when it comes to sleep, adaptability is important. That’s why pillowcases come in different materials for different purposes. Visit almost any beauty spa and you’ll find that they sell satin pillowcases, which are meant to improve hair and skin quality, eliminate wrinkles, and hair loss/breakage. 100% cotton, sateen, and flannel are other types of quality materials that just about anyone can appreciate for their pillowcases.

There are also cooling pillowcases, meant to treat night sweats and hot flashes. Browse the various options and consider what you know about the person receiving the gift and find the best one to suit their needs.

Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock

While this innovation is several years old, it’s one that isn’t as widespread as you’d think considering its calming influence. Sometimes the sound of our alarm in the morning hits us like a dump truck, and there’s no better way to ruin your day than by having a lousy start to it. The imitation of a dawning sun is a sure way around this issue and ensures that your morning gets off to the right start – as tranquil as possible. Clinically proven to work, the wake-up light therapy alarm clock is an ideal change of pace for anyone who’s getting an early start to their day.


Alex Correa | Assistant Editor



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