How To Be Happy

How to Be Happy


Think of happiness like a collection of seeds we plant. If we nurture enough of them we can create a more lasting sense of wellbeing. Here are some of the seeds that we can sow:


Appreciate and be grateful for all that we have: our lives, our friends and loved ones, our work, and even nature itself. We should be thankful for all things that come our way – good or bad – for there is a purpose and a lesson associated with everything.

Love and Acceptance

Happiness comes with accepting and loving ourselves for who and what we are (but not to the point of being narcissistic). We should aspire to rid ourselves of anger, resentment, and other negative feelings, and be at peace with ourselves.


Live in the moment. We should be mindful of who we are, what we do, and every relationship we have. Letting go of the past and not worrying about the future will help us to fully embrace our present.


We should know the type of life we’re living, with a purpose beyond just existing. Sharing our time and talent will make others happy, and in turn their joy will spread to us.


Set realistic goals. We should plan for, and work at, what we want. Once attained, we must decide what our next goal will be. We should never aspire to things that are impossible for us to reach. It’s also important to manage our expectations to prevent disappointment and avoid getting discouraged.


Be curious. Keep an open mind and welcome change. We should never stop learning to achieve growth. We must broaden our horizons and see things from different perspectives.


We develop self-discipline by doing things that we don’t necessarily want to do. Focus on accomplishing tasks. Remember that each achievement boosts our self-esteem and makes us feel victorious.


Always feel positive; it will be easier to deal with adversities. We should have faith and not get discouraged, even if we fail more than once. Always view challenges as opportunities. It’s better to rationalize than to blame ourselves.

Simple and Healthy Lifestyle

We ought to live simple, healthy, and within our means. Nothing is infinite in life. We can have anything we want, but not everything. We should live a balanced lifestyle, eliminate non-essentials, and budget realistically to avoid financial complications. Proper nutrition and regular exercise will release “happy hormones” like serotonin. Let us live by our own standards and not worry about measuring up to someone else’s expectations.

Happiness can be a nebulous concept and there’s no absolute definition; it varies from person to person and situation to situation. We either connect it to an emotional state (joy, triumph, satisfaction), physical things (money, food, clothes, shelter), or spiritual advancement (self-actualization, self-transformation, self-realization). Let us change our mindset and focus on things within our control and influence. After all, it’s within our power to transform our perceptions.

Happiness is waiting for us to open our eyes and acknowledge its existence. Don’t let it slip away. Seize it and enjoy it!


Marites L. Galvez-Ver | Contributing Writer


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