Exotic Dinner Essentials: Moroccan Style

dinner essentials

Morocco is a gorgeous country on the crossroads between Africa, Europe, and the Arabian Peninsula; with exoticism and enchantment to spare. It is known and beloved for the refinement of its architecture, the hustle and bustle of its souks and bazaars, its delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and the friendliness and generosity of its people.

If you’re in the mood for warmth, spices and color but can’t get away right now, why not host a Moroccan-themed party instead? We promise you, the melodious and trance-inducing vibes of the Gnawa, the divine flavors of a cuisine that is as earthy as it is delicate, and the colorful home decor will make you feel almost as if you were there!

1) Tribal Short Summer Dress from AnabellaWomen on Etsy                        

2) Esteban Legendes d’Orient Bamboo Incense Sticks—Amazon.com

3) Handcrafted Moroccan Leather Pouf from Overstock.com

4) Moroccan Berber Kilim Grey Stripe Pillow Cover from Chairish.com     

5) Rosemarie Collections Women’s Two Tone Metal Cutout Moroccan Dangle Earrings from Amazon.com                              

6) Kate Spade New York 36mm Holland Watch at Zappos.com

7)  Hand Blown Moroccan Morjana Glasses –Set of 6 from Chairish.com

8)  Vintage Hammered Moroccan Teapot from Chairish.com        

9) Vintage Moroccan Tagine—Chairish


What to Wear

You can peruse Pinterest, Etsy, or Polyvore for ideas about Moroccan-inspired fashions, as these obviously change by season. One option is to go for a kaftan-inspired dress, babouche slippers, and dangling jewelry. We also like the idea of the black dress with tribal prints above, worn with flats or cute sandals and dangling earrings.



Moroccan-style lanterns in jewel colored tones are an excellent way to add color to your house without spending a fortune. For a more authentic touch, use plain or colorful Moroccan poufs with lambskin, small tables and incense (we love Esteban Teck and Tonka or Legendes d’Orient, available on Amazon). You can also look for a Moroccan (or Indian!) teapot to present with a colorful tea set.

Food and Drink

During Ramadhan, it is traditional to start courses with a harira soup, a much beloved mainstay of Moroccan cuisine, served with meat or not. Followed by a tagine (stew) of vegetables, fish, chicken or lamb or a bastilla (Moroccan-style pie that can be cooked in advance and frozen). For dessert, why not try stuffed dates, an orange and date salad, or ghoriba cakes?

Here are some recipes below:



Some of our personal favorites include:

Dissidenten and Lemchaheb—Fata Morgana

Najat Aatabou—Hadi Kadba Bayna

Nass El Ghiwane—Chemaa


Other compilations to try:

Putumayo North African Groove

Putumayo Cairo to Casablanca

Putumayo Arabic Beat

Putumayo Arabic Groove

Putumayo Acoustic Arabia

Gnawa Music of Marrakesh: Night Spirit Masters

Gnawa Music of Essaouira

Or you can search for Moroccan and North African inspired playlists on Spotify.


Are there any resources that you would like to add for a fabulous Moroccan-style party? Please list them in the comments section.



Nezha | The Edge Blog


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