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By Author: The Edge Editorial Team

Fall/Winter 2020

Anyone who has a car knows the hassle that comes with maintaining one. But with Slick Lube Co., they bring the garage to you! If you don’t have the time or your car just won’t run, then you can experience the on-site advantages that Slick Lube Co. has to offer. Proud owner and operator Chris Papadopoulos provides a service you can trust−and he’s constantly on call, making his rounds throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Whether it’s an oil change, seasonal tire installation, tire inspection, washer fluid top-up, or courtesy check, Slick Lube Co. has what you need on-site. No more stress of having to find a mechanic and look for the fine print: now they come to you, wherever you are. With a van full of services for your every need, Slick Lube Co. is the right choice−getting their hands dirty, so you don’t have to.

For more information, call 416-887-3544 or book online at

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