Directors vote to cancel 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival

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Directors vote to cancel 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival

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There will be no Edmonton Pride Festival this year. 

Less than two months before the 10-day festival was set to take place, the Edmonton Pride Festival Society Board of Directors voted to cancel the event, according to an email obtained by CBC News. 

“In light of the current political and social environment, it has been determined that any attempt to host a festival will not be successful,” reads the email from the board of directors.

“Please keep in mind that we are a not-for-profit organization run almost solely by volunteers.”

Members of the board have not responded to a request for comment from CBC News. 

The festival was set to kick off June 7 with a Wine Up To Pride event at Dr. Wilbert Mcintyre Park. The Pride Parade was scheduled for June 8 on Whyte Avenue. 

“It has always been the goal of the Edmonton Pride Festival Society to host a safe and enjoyable event that is as reflective and encompassing of the entire community as possible; however, given current events, we do not feel that this is attainable for this year,” the email from the society said.

According to the email, other Pride events put on by LGBTQ organizations will still take place in June. 

Protesters stopped last year’s Pride parade to demand organizers uninvite all Edmonton police, RCMP and military personnel from the parade, amid a Canada-wide debate over the presence of police in Pride parades. 

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